Kentucky at Tulane

- Thursday, December 21 1933 -

Kentucky - 32 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Jack Tucker11203
Dave Lawrence20014
John DeMoisey424110
Milerd Anderson00010
Bill Davis511111
Herbert Jerome11203
Garland Lewis01211
Evan Settle00000

Tulane - 22 (Head Coach: Ray Dauber)
Walter Jahncke21205
Ernest Beck03433
Joseph Davies32238
Murray Cleveland00000
Floyd Roberts12344
Harry Vorhaden01201
Claude Simons (*)01111

Halftime Score: Kentucky 16, Tulane 8
Officials: Referee - Carl Lind (Tulane) and Umpire - Sam Corenswet (N.O.A.C.)
Arena: Fogelman Arena
References: Lexington Herald and Tulane University

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Cincinnati 31 - 25|Tulane 42 - 29

Tulane's Walter Jahncke (#16) fights for the ball with UK's "Andy" Anderson (Note, this photo may be from this game or the game the following night.)

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