Kentucky vs. North Carolina

- Saturday, February 27 1932 -

Southern Conference Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)

Kentucky - 42 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Darrell Darby40138
John DeMoisey21215
Howard Kreuter02412
Forest Sale845120
Charles Worthington21305
Ellis Johnson10122

North Carolina - 43 (Head Coach: George Shepard)
Virgil Weathers601012
Wilmer Hines40038
Jesse Edwards22236
George Brandt11133
Tom Alexander523312
Dave McCachren10202
William Markham00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 25, North Carolina 24
Technical Fouls: DeMoisey for failing to report in during a substitution
Officials: Referee - Stanley Sutton and Umpire - Bowser Chest
Arena: Atlanta Municipal Auditorium
References: Atlanta Journal, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader

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Tulane 50 - 30|Alumni 52 - 17

Game Writeup - by Neville Dunn, Lexington Herald

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