Cincinnati at Kentucky

- Saturday, February 21 1914 -

Cincinnati - 18 (Head Coach: Russell Easton)
James Montgomery2004
Morton Shephard0000
Joseph O'Laughlin0000
Earl Harrington0000
Paul Elmore0000
Leser Bryant3006
Prosper Russo0000
Herbert Goosman24118

Kentucky - 20 (Head Coach: Alpha Brumage)
Ralph Morgan3026
Herschel Scott2014
Karl Zerfoss1234
James Park1022
William Tuttle2034
George Gumbert0000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 10, Cincinnati 9
Officials: Eugene King and Edward Golde
Arena: Woodland Auditorium
References: Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, The Idea, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald

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Game Writeup - Lexington Leader

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