Nolan Richardson's Record vs. Kentucky

| Wins against Kentucky - 7 | Losses against Kentucky - 12 |
Alma Mater: Texas Western [1963]
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Date Born: December 27, 1941
Overall Record: 509-207 [22 Seasons]

2/23/2002Arkansas at KentuckyW71 - 58-
3/10/2001Kentucky vs. ArkansasW87 - 78SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
2/25/2001Kentucky at ArkansasL78 - 82-
3/10/2000Kentucky vs. ArkansasL72 - 86SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/26/2000Arkansas at KentuckyW60 - 55-
3/7/1999Kentucky vs. ArkansasW76 - 63SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
2/20/1999Kentucky at ArkansasL70 - 74-
3/7/1998Kentucky vs. ArkansasW99 - 74SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
1/17/1998Arkansas at KentuckyW80 - 77 OT-
1/26/1997Kentucky at ArkansasW83 - 73-
3/9/1996Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 75SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
2/11/1996Arkansas at KentuckyW88 - 73-
3/12/1995Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 93 OTSEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
1/29/1995Kentucky at ArkansasL92 - 94-
3/12/1994Kentucky vs. ArkansasW90 - 78SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
2/9/1994Arkansas at KentuckyL82 - 90-
3/13/1993Kentucky vs. ArkansasW92 - 81SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
2/10/1993Kentucky at ArkansasL94 - 101-
1/25/1992Arkansas at KentuckyL88 - 105-

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