Information to Track Down
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Note that general statistical information which is desired to be located is outlined in the following page. There is also a separate page looking for biographical information on specific players, although a handful of players is mentioned below. The information below is specific information which is generally unrelated to statistics but focuses more on specific instances in history. In some cases, it calls for particular newspaper sources from around the country.

If you are in a position to assist in locating any of this information, please feel free to do so and let me know how it came out, regardless of whether you were successful or not.

DateYearPlace to LookInformation to FindLink
8/1/1938...11/30/19381938Lexington Herald (X - searched over OCT/NOV 1938); Lexington Leader ( ); Frankfort paper ( ); KSU archives ( )Look for information on clinic held at Kentucky State University, likely in fall of 1938. (Could have also been in 1940).Adolph Rupp
3/1/1940...3/15/19401940Lexington Herald ( ); Lexington Leader ( ); LCJ ( )Look for information about Kentucky turning down NCAA bid. 17-MAR-1961 Lexington Herald article page 13 Ed Ashford Column claims UK turned down NCAA bids in 1940 and 1941. Western Kentucky was representative in 1940 tournament.1939-40
3/1/1941...3/15/19411941Lexington Herald ( ); Lexington Leader ( ); LCJ ( )Look for information about Kentucky turning down NCAA bid. 17-MAR-1961 Lexington Herald article page 13 Ed Ashford Column claims UK turned down NCAA bids in 1940 and 1941. North Carolina was South representative in 1941 tournament.1940-41
3/14/1950...3/15/19501950New York papers ( ) ( )Look for additional information on the game between CCNY and Kentucky.1949-50
3/3/1906...3/4/19061906Check Leader (X), Idea (X-not published), Herald (X), LCJ (X - nothing); Georgetown Times S-264 (X - confirms game), LCJ (X-nothing); Georgetonian ( )Check for game against Georgetown College.. This was listed on the schedule of the 1906 Kentuckian on March 3rd. Leader on 19-FEB claims next game was vs. Georgetown on 2-MAR. Georgetown Times confirms game played (on 2-MAR) and score (53-12), look for more info. 1905-06
2/2/1906...2/3/19061906Lexington Herald (X-not mentioned. Searched from 1-FEB to 4-FEB ) Leader (X not mentioned. UK played Christ Church Cinn. on 30FEB ) Berea Citizen (X not listed in 8-FEB which is 1st edition after the games in question) According to UK Media Guide prior to 1970, UK played against Berea February 2, 1906 (not in current listing)-
2/13/1906...2/14/19061906Lexington Herald (X - searched 10-FEB to 18-FEB no mention ) Leader ( X - not mentioned until after trip on 19-FEB) Cincinnati papers ( ) Louisville papers ( ) Indiana papers ( ), Jackson County Banner (Brownstown IN) weekly (X - no mention), Columbus IN Republic daily (X - no mention); North Vernon Plain Dealer (checked ? ) North Vernon Republican (checked ? ) Checking with Jennings County ref librarian ( )According to UK Media Guide prior to 1970, Vernon College on Feb. 12 (currently have Feb 13); @ Hanover Feb. 13 (currently not in listing). Per the Leader story after team returned published on 19-FEB, there was a train accident of the B&O SW railroad which led them to play a "substitute' game vs. North Vernon (presumably North Vernon HS).-
2/24/1906...2/25/19061906Lexington Herald (X- not mentioned checked 20-FEB to 28-FEB) Leader (not mentioned checked to 26-FEB ) Berea Citizen (X not listed in 1-MAR which is 1st edition after the games in question) According to UK Media Guide prior to 1970, UK played @ Berea on FEB 24 1906 (not in current listing)-
2/15/1906...2/17/19061906Lexington Herald (X - has article on 17-FEB saying will return on Sunday on the Q&C ) Leader ( X - not mentioned tlll after trip on 19-FEB ) Cincinnati Enquirer (X) Other Cinn. Papers ( )According to UK Media Guide prior to 1970, UK played Feb 15 @ Covington YMCA (have Christ Church Cinn. in current schedule); Feb. 16; Cincinnati YMCA (Cinn. Enquirer confirms 16-FEB was vs. Univ. of Cincinnati & suggests previous game was vs. Cinn. YMCA),-
2/23/1906...2/24/19061906Lexington Herald (X - no mention) Leader (X - no mention) Kentucky Advocate S-574 (X - 26-FEB didn't mention, 23-FEB didn't mention it to be played) Danville Messenger ( ) - earliest in NPA is 1910 Danville News ( X - no mention in 23-FEB or 27-FEB editions ) LCJ (X - no mention)According to UK Media Guide prior to 1970, UK played Feb. 23 @ Central U (not in current listing)-
1/17/1908...1/18/19081908Lexington Leader (X - not mentioned )Look for game played between State College and Lexington High School at Mammoth Rink. Herald claims it was played Monday night, the 17th.1907-08
1/31/1913...2/2/19131913Lexington Herald (X - states 2nd team ); Lexington Leader (X-mentions 2nd team ); LCJ (X - no mention ) Frankfort State Journal S-246 (X - looked 31-JAN to 4-FEB no mention ) Midway Bluegrass Clipper S-499 ( checked 30-JAN and 6-FEB nothing ) Others ( ) Idea S 97-013 ( ) Online only has September 26, 1912 to May 22, 1913 scattered issues. Probably same as microfilm.Look for game vs. Frankfort YMCA sometime played Saturday 1-FEB-1913.1912-13
3/5/1917...3/6/19171917Lexington Herald (X - no mention ) Lexington Leader (X - no mention - checked to 7-MAR) Kernel (X - 1-MAR first page mentions game is scheduled but not certain to be played. 8-MAR only lists game vs. Cumberland & two vs. Tenn. as being played. ) Knoxville (Sentinel (recheck on 6-MAR ( ); Knoxville Journal & Tribune (recheck on 6-MAR (X - no mention )) Checking with Tusculum LibraryFind information on a game scheduled for Monday March 5 at Tusculum per LCJ. Checked Knoxville Independent (10-MAR-1917, nothing) in Chronicaling America. Knoxville Journal (X - no mention). Kernel (X - 1-MAR first page mentions game is scheduled but not certain to be played. 8-MAR only lists game vs. Cumberland & two vs. Tenn. as being played. )1916-17
2/27/1925...3/1/19251925Atlanta Journal ( ) Atlanta Constitution ( ) Atlanta Georgian (X ) Look for a photo of the UK basketball team. No team photos are known to be available via UK. Kentucky played Mississippi A.&M. Feb. 17 and Georgia February 28. Georgian has one that is obstructed.1924-25
19331933Kentucky Special CollectionsHoward Kinne papers 1912-1933. Call Number 1 M62M85. Kentucky Special Collections and Digital Programs.Howard Kinne
2/15/1933...3/1/19331933Atlanta Constitution MF1033 ( X); Atlanta Journal MF 4632( X); Atlanta Daily World MF1036 ( )Look for coverage of the 1933 SEC Tournament held in Atlanta (February 24, 1933 to February 28, 1933).1932-33
2/15/1934...3/1/19341934Atlanta Constitution MF1033 ( X); Atlanta Journal MF 4632( X); Atlanta Daily World MF1036 ( )Look for coverage of the 1934 SEC Tournament held in Atlanta (February 24, 1934 to February 28, 1934).1933-34
2/7/1937...2/8/19371937Columbus OH paper Columbus Evening Dispatch ( X - give preview on Sunday but no mention of game Monday) LOC #1416. Oshkosh ( ), local Wisconsin paper ( ), Whiting paper ( )Look for information on game between Columbus and Whiting Ciesars in Columbus OH, along with Oshkosh vs. Niagara game played same day.Leroy Edwards
1/8/1938...1/9/19381938Louisville CJ (X) Louisville Defender S-278 (X - not available ) Louisville Leader S 85-1 (X) Lex Herald (X - searched archives from 5-JAN to 10-JAN with no info) Lex Leader ( ) Cin. Inquirer S-653 (X) Other Cinn. Papers ( ) Kentucky Post S-365 ( X )Look for information on exhibition game in Louisville between the Rens and Cincinnati Comellos on 8-JAN-1938. LCJ confirms Edwards played for Comellos. Louisville Leader only mentions game between Kentucky State and the Rens in a story from, 2/5/1938. Kentucky Post did not discuss sports. Check Cinn papers for reason Edwards played.LeRoy Edwards
1/15/1938...1/18/19381938Lexington Herald (X) Leader ( ) South Bend IN ( )See if any article talks about Jackowski and why he didn't play in the game. He played in the earlier game against Detroit. Herald confirms the team returned to Lexington prior to Notre Dame game and "11 strong" were to go to Notre Dame. Check South Bend paper ( ) [not in LOC, nothing in]Ralph Jackowski
11/16/1945...11/17/19451945Frankfort Paper (X), Herald (X), Leader (X) Kernel ( )Rupp Clinic at Kentucky State. Also check previous and following years around same time frame. Checked Frankfort paper and Lex Herald and Leader with no luck.Adolph Rupp
3/2/19471947Pathe FilmUnknown date. Pathe Movie sports short about Kentucky, sometime prior to March 1947. Referred to in 3/2/1947 LCJ magazine article.-
12/9/1950...12/12/19501950Louisville Courier-Journal (X - revisited searching with but nothing)Look for article by Larry Boeck discussing the Bear Bryant 'quote' about the Cadillac and the lighter. (Looked and found article by Boeck with photo of Wilkinson and Bryant, but article didn't mention the quote. May be in notes somewhere else. Article was probably December 9th.) - Need to go back and look in detail.Adolph Rupp
9/2/1951...9/3/19511951Herald (X - checked through 9-SEP ) Leader ( X - checked through 4-SEP before film broke ) LCJ (X -only had small blurb) PR Papers: Diario de Puerto Rico (X - doesn't mention); El Mundo (X - doesn't mention)Look for details, including boxscore, of 2-SEP-1951 exhibition game vs. Navy in Puerto Rico that was called at halftime due to rain.1951-52
4/26/1961...4/30/19611961Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader (X) Lousville Defender (S-278) ( X ) Birmingham New (X); Montgomery Advertiser (X) LOC # 0937; Mobile (AL) Register (X - nothing) LOC # 0936Response to Rupp's claims in the Atlanta Journal about potentially signing two players from Kentucky. Herald and Leader and Montgomery Advertiser were both AP stories. Defender no mention.Adolph Rupp
5/30/1961...6/3/19611961(Nashville) Tennessee Tribune ( ); Nashville Banner (X - lists McLendon); Lexington Herald (X - nothing); Lexington Leader (checked 1-JUN to 3-JUN nothing )Look for information on coaching clinic at Tennessee State University in Nashville which featured Rupp and Johnny McLendon as a speaker. (schedule for Thursday June 1 lists McLendon as speaker)Adolph Rupp
3/22/1964...3/29/19641964Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader ( )Olympic Pre-Trials held in Lexington, held the week after the NCAA tournament (UCLA beat Duke March 21). Beginning in March 22 they assemble and on March 23 form three 10-man teams (Red, White and Blue). Exhibition game in Lexington includes the Hall of Fame Game in Lexington on March 28.-
4/15/1964...4/20/19641964Lou C-J (X), also Lex Herald (X - no mention to April 25) Lex. Leader (X notes Rupp visited Unseld on 16th and notes Urging to sign with UK on 21. No Friday paper Apr 17 ? ) and Louisville Defender (X April 16 and 23 nothing) S-278. Louisville Times (X looked to 23rd, found article about visit & 21-APR article urging him to go to UK but nothing else ) 1161;Look for information on in-home visit with Wes Unseld by Rupp, which occurred April 16. In particular look for mention in Louisville paper a few days afterwards about Unseld not spending time with him. Adolph Rupp
4/29/1964...5/1/19641964Louisville Defender (X checked 30-APR & 7-MAY nothing ) Lexington Leader (X checked 29-APR to 2-MAY ) LCJ ( ) Other ( )Look for information on Seneca basketball banquet where Rupp awarded Wes Unseld a trophy for being the top player in the country.Adolph Rupp
12/4/1967...12/12/19671967Lex Herald (X - didn't find) Lex Leader ( )Info on protests surrounding the game on 11-DEC per the 1968 Kentuckian Yearbook (however there was no game played that date. The closest home games to that date was 9-DEC vs. Penn. (Searched Lex Herald archives 9-DEC to 15-DEC using protest* and didn't see anything obvious.) Need to recheck with new dates. Per Bowling Green Park City Daily News (14-DEC-1967) protests were for games against Penn (9-DEC-1967) and Florida (4-DEC-1967)-
1/12/1969...1/30/19691969Lex. Herald ( ), Lex. Leader ( )Look for an article mentioning UK adding some victories to its all-time win total. This happened in January 1969 before UK's victory over Georgia (1/13/1969) giving it its 1000th victory, although it appears only two of the three games UK submitted were eventually accepted by the NCAA. It's not clear when the NCAA accepted them. Specifically look at the 1/11/1969 game against Florida as it was before this game that the findings were reportedly made public. Also check the write-up of the Georgia game (1/14/1969) looking for evidence that a cake was eaten to commemorate the 1000th victory. Other games are Tennessee (1/18), LSU (1/25) and Alabama (1/27). Looked in Herald but not closely. Leader has story from AP on 1/13/1969 mentioning UK having 999 wins per the NCAA while UK thought they had 1000 with their win over Florida. -
5/6/1978...5/10/19781978Frankfort State Journal [S-246] ( )Look for obituary of Joseph Dalton Williams to see if he was the basketball official. Short blurbs in Lexington Herald, Leader and Courier-Journal but nothing to confirm.-
Special CollectionsRussell Rice Archives in Special Collections This collection is arranged in seven series by subject and format: I. Correspondence i. Chronological ii. Topical iii. Miscellaneous Letters II. Basketball Hall of Fame records III. Presentations and Research Materials IV. Photographic Materials i. Basketball ii. Football iii. Other Sports V. Newspaper Clippings VI. Audio Visual Materials VII. Miscellaneous Materials 1986ua024: William H. Townsend papers, University of Kentucky Archives. 2009ua007: Collection of University of Kentucky trading cards, University of Kentucky Archives. 2001ua043: University of Kentucky memorabilia collection, University of Kentucky Archives. See also: Athletics Archives at Explore UK, http://exploreuk.uky.eduContainer ListSeries I. Correspondence, 1938-1994 The Correspondence series consists almost entirely of letters to and from Adolph Rupp during his time as men's basketball coach at the University of Kentucky. They are arranged by year in subseries i. and by subject matter in subseries ii. Subseries i. Chronological, 1938-197311Rupp Letters, 1938-1957 1967324Letter to Ted Braddock from Adolph Rupp concerning potential player Jim McDaniels, March 11, Photo 19611147Felix Thruston and Adolph Rupp 1148Felix Thruston, Adolph Rupp, and Bobby Watson, undated-
UK Special Collections 61 boxes, 23 fet. World War One, Kinne, Howard [box: 33, folder: 1] (UK Special Collections)Howard Kinne
19021902Crimson Yearbook Check Transylvania yearbook for evidence of games played against State1901-02
1/24/1903...1/25/19031903Lexington Herald (X looked from 24 to 26) Leader (X looked from 24 to 25 ) Other ( )Look for mention of beginning of basketball practice. According to 1903 Kentucky yearbook (pg 153 ), the first day was January 24.1902-03
2/23/1903...2/24/19031903Lexington Herald ( ) Lexington Leader ( ) Georgetown Times ( X) Look for lost game between Georgetown and State College. Georgetonian claims it was played Monday night (February 23) and Georgetown won the game 32 to 1. Confirmed by Georgetown Times.(X) Still check Herald ( ) and Leader ( )-
2/27/1903...2/28/19031903Lexington Herald (X - no mention in Herald ) Lexington Leader (X - no mention ) LCJ ( ), KU Yearbook ( )Look for record of game played between UK and KU on 27-FEB-1903. Basson in article in LH on 16-APR-1954 claims that the game was scheduled but not sure if it was played.1902-03
1/16/19041904Lexington Herald ( )Look for article on the coming basketball season.1903-04
4/18/19051905Lex. Leader p. 4. col 3-4"New Y. M. C. A. building open to the public" Magnificent structure dedicated to upbuilding of physical and spiritual citizenship of greater Lexington starts on its career -- opening day program being rendered -- description of building. [includes photo] -
2/4/1908...2/5/19081908Lexington Herald (X) Leader ( X) Idea ( ) Look for boxscore between Kentucky University and State College. This game occurred just prior to KU leaving for a trip to Ohio. (No Idea until 1909) 2/4/1908 - Kentucky University
5/16/1909...//1909Lexington Leader p. 1 col. 3(Transylvania) [KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 1 col. 3] - 691932 - "Historic iron arch" - The historic iron arch, bearing the legend "Kentucky University," which had for many years surmounted the Broadway entrance gate to the grounds of that institution, the name of which was recently changed to Transylvania University, has disappeared. The students of Transylvania are much wrought-up over its disappearance, accusing the students of State University with being guilty of the depredation, and it was stated Saturday that the faculty of Transylvania, through Treasurer J. T. Vance, have offered a reward for the apprehension of the guilty party or parties who carried it away. - Get readable copy.-
12/5/1909...//1909Lexington Leader p. 20 col. 3ASSOCIATION OF KENTUCKY COLLEGES.] [Leader. p. 20 col. 3] - 697186 - "Kentucky colleges" The Association of Kentucky Colleges met in its fifth annual session at State University Saturday morning. About fifty persons representing Central University, Georgetown College, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Transylvania University, Berea College and State University were present. -
2/11/1910...2/12/19101910Richmond IN paper ( ) Earlham College paper ( ) Lexington Herald (X - checked 12-FEB not mentioned ) Lexington Leader (X- not mentioned on 12-FEB to 13-FEB )Look for game played between Earlham College and UK on Feb 11, 1910 according to Idea. Also look for game against Miami in Lexington 18-FEB-1910 (didn't see in Herald), Vanderbilt at Lexington 23-FEB-1910 (Vandy played @ Central on 22-FEB & again on 24-FEB) but no mention in Herald on 24-FEB of game between Vandy-State) and Cincinnati at Lexington 25-FEB-1910. (again no mention by Herald of this game) Note did searches around these teams in and did not find. Vandy did play Central and Louisville YMCA during this time but no game vs. State College listed.1909-10
10/17/1914...10/23/19141914Lexington Herald ( ) Leader ( ) LCJ ( ) Mississippi State papers ( ) ( )Look for story of the greased pants. Football game played on 17-OCT-1914 where the Miss. State players used greased pants.-
2/29/1928...3/3/19281928Atlanta Georgian ( ) Atlanta Constitution ( X - looked March 1-2) Atlanta Journal (X - looked March 1-3 )Look for consensus all-tournament team for 1928. Southern Conference Media Guide does not have a team listed.-
7/21/1930...7/22/19301930Lexington Leader (7/21) ( ) Lexington Herald (7/22) (had article for 7/21 and followup on 7/22 refind)Articles about William Kleiser being slashed in the faceWilliam Kleiser
1/10/19321932Lexington Leader ( ) pg. 7. col. 1"K. I. A. A. Proposed For Small Schools" Organization of a Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association has been proposed, it was announced Saturday, and the matter has been referred to athletic councils of schools interested in the movement. Following its consideration, another meeting will be held at which more definite steps will be taken, providing the proposal is favorably received by the councils. First steps toward forming the association were taken Friday night at a meeting held in the Transylvania College gymnasium.-
12/10/1933...12/23/19331933Cincinnati Enquirer ( X ) Post (X) Georgetonian (X - didn't publish after the 15-DEC due to Christmas break) Other Cinn Paper ( )Look for info on the UCinn /Transylvania game on December 11 at Schmidlapp and the Hanover away game on the 22nd. UCinn also played Georgetown College on 12/15/1933 (LCJ has box), UK the 16th in Lexington (LCJ has preview but no mention), Hanover the 22nd Away.-
3/24/1939...3/31/19391939Lex. Herald (X), Lex. Leader (X), Chicago Daily Tribune ( ) LOC # Self-Serve; Chicago Evening American ( ) LOC # 7574-X LCCN sn 91055466 (?? LOC says don't have) Chicago Daily News (X - didn't find any mention of Rupp)Look for information about Coach Rupp attending the World Championships in Chicago. According to the 3/27/1939 Oshkosh Northwestern, Rupp was in attendance for at least the Oshkosh-Clarksburg game to watch Leroy Edwards. Assume he stayed around for the rest of the tournament. Herald gives story about internary for that week. Check back after the championship game (held on 3/28/1939). Leader provides quote from Rupp with quote from Edwards but no first-hand info on game.Adolph Rupp
5/31/1940...6/1/19401940Lexington Herald (X - Banquet held on 31-MAY-1940 ) Lexington Leader (X - checked July 1-4 nothing )Look for information on banquet where Rupp retired Layton Rouse's number. see UK Archive Link with photo of Rouse at banquet showing jerseyLayton Rouse
3/6/19401940Lexington Leader ( ); LCJ ( )Check to see if Layton Rouse had his jersey retired during a special rally held on 5-MAR-1940.Lee Huber
12/15/19441944Chicago Tribune ( ); Other Chicago paper ( ) Indiana paper ( )Look for boxscore between Oshkosh All-Stars and Ft. Wayne Zollner Pistons held in Chicago on Thursday 14-DEC-1944. Edwards set a scoring mark with 14 free throws in a game, breaking an NBL recordLeroy Edwards
3/1/1945...3/3/19451945Louisville Times ( )Look for report of Gambling activities at SEC tournament in Louisville. Searched LCJ (X - article on 3-MAR but looking for something sooner).-
2/20/1946...2/27/19461946Lex Herald (X) Lex. Leader ( )Look for info on when and why UK accepted NIT bid, forfeiting their right to play in the NCAA. Per LCJ article on 27-FEB-1946, UK had recently accepted the NIT bid and thus forfeited their right to the NCAA. As of 25-FEB UK was still being listed as being considered for the District 3 NCAA invitation. 26-FEB Lexington Herald notes that they accepted NIT bid the previous day after receiving the bid three weeks prior.1945-46
8/1/1948...12/31/19481948Parade MagazineLook for Parade Magazine article (likely after Olympic gams were over) discussing Don Barksdale and his time in the Olympics in London, including with Adolph Rupp. Potential papers that carried Parade in 1948: Akron (OH) Beacon Journal, Boston Post (MF# 2453) ( ) , Bridgeport Sunday Post, Chicago Sun Times (MF # 1073) (X-does not have in microfilm), Denver Rocky Mountain News (MF# 0991) ( ), Detroit Free Press (MF # 1214) ( ), El Paso Times, Erie Dispatch-Herald, Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Houston (TX) Post (MF #1496) ( ), Jacksonville Florida Times-Union (MF # 1025) ( ), Newark Star-Ledger (MF #1291) ( ), New Bedford Standard Times, Philadelphia Inquirer (MF # 1444) ( ), Portland (ME) Sunday Telegram, St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press (MF # 1240) ( ), Syracuse Herald-American, Toledo Times, Washington (D.C.) Post (N&CPR - Self Serve) ( ), Wichita Eagle (MF# 1151) ( ), Youngstown Vindicator Checking Philly Inquirer - August 22, 1948 (X); August 29 ( X) Sept 5 (X); Sept 12 (X); Sept 19 (X); Adolph Rupp
4/12/1948...4/13/19481948Lexington Herald ( )Look for information on luncheon honoring UK team with Phog AllenAdolph Rupp
2/9/1949...2/15/19491949Louisville Courier Journal (X - searched but did not find) LOC # 1158. Maybe Louisville Times ( )?Look for article about bookies stopping betting on UK games "BOOKIES GIVE UP NET PLAY". Charley Rosen on page 182 claims that a few weeks after the 8-FEB-1949 game between UK and Tennessee these articles appeared.2/8/1949 - Tennessee
3/20/1949...5/15/19491949Paris Daily Enterprise S-366 (X - through April 6) Lex. Herald (X - Searched April 9 - 12 didn' find) Louisville Defender S-278 ( )Look for information on banquet for the Paris Western team. The Negro National Tournament in Nashville was typically early April. The 1953 banquet was April 10. Look through April 6th with with nothing seen. Finished 4th in State. UK won title March 27.-
10/1/1950...11/15/19501950Lex Herald (X- Searched ) Lex Leader ( ); Minneapolis Star ( ) LOC # 1233; St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) LOC # 1240Look for information, boxscores etc. on exhibition games with Minneapolis Lakers (early Oct./Nov.) (1950-1954)-
3/20/1950...5/15/19501950Paris Daily Enterprise S-366 (X) Lex. Herald ( ) Louisville Defender S-278 ( )Look for information on banquet for the Paris Western team. The Negro National Tournament in Nashville was typically early April. The 1953 banquet was April 10. April 3, 1950 Paris article mentions they had an athletic banquet.-
10/30/1951...11/4/19511951Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ); Minneapolis Star ( ) LOC # 1233; St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) LOC # 1240Look for information, boxscores etc. on exhibition games with Minneapolis Lakers (early Oct./Nov.) (1950-1954) Minneapolis trained vs. UK in Lexington starting Tuesday October 30 through Friday November 3.-
6/1/1951...6/4/19511951Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader (X) LCJ (X) LOC # 1158 (X); Louisville Times ( ) LOC # 1161; Lou Leader ( ) S85-1Look for response to Brooklyn Eagle article about St. Johns coming to UK to play game. (LH and Leader only had AP story) Searched Came up with article in Albuquerque Journal and Kingsport Times-
12/16/19511951Atlanta Journal ( X- can't find. Also checked 17-DEC.) LOC #4632 or Atlanta Constitution ( X - can't find ) LOC # 1033Look for article by Ed Danforth which goes through the chronology of the basketball scandal and interviews Herman Donovan. (Recheck reference) Danforth should be in Journal.Adolph Rupp
8/30/1951...9/5/19511951Herald (X - no mention after game ) Leader ( X - no mention after game ) LCJ (X -only had small blurb) PR Papers: Diario de Puerto Rico (X - checked); El Mundo (X - checked)Look for details on issues that Rupp had with the Puerto Rican All-Stars in a game held 30-AUG-1951.1951-52
10/27/1951...//1951New York Amsterdam News ( )Look for article on Rupp. Look for any followup in Lexington Herald ( ) or Leader ( )Adolph Rupp
10/1/1952...11/15/19521952Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ); Minneapolis Star ( ) LOC # 1233; St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) LOC # 1240Look for information, boxscores etc. on exhibition games with Minneapolis Lakers (early Oct./Nov.) (1950-1954)-
1/15/1952...1/16/19521952Lex Herald (X - searched & found handful of Articles ) Lex Leader ( )Look for mention or feedback from Article "How Basketball Players are Bought" which led to libel charges. Article was in the January 29 issue, but went on sale January 15. Looked in Herald but didn't see anything.Adolph Rupp
5/1/1952...5/10/19521952Lexington Herald ( ), Leader ( ) or LCJ ( ) LOC # 1158Look for text of Saul Streit's entire statementAdolph Rupp
2/26/1952...2/29/19521952Lex Herald (X ) Lex Leader (X) New York Times NYT ( X ) Louisville Courier Journal ( X ) Newspaperarchive (X)Look for quote by Vincent O'Connor vowing to not allow Spivey to play in the NBA. - looked briefly in LH, LL and LCJ (couldn't find) NYT didn't appear to talk about the scandal at all. Newspaperarchive searched but didn't find.Bill Spivey
9/21/1952...9/22/19521952Lexington Herald (X - searched no details beyond small article similar to LCJ ) Lexington Leader (X - looked 21-25 no mention ) Louisville Courier Journal (X- looked 21-23. Doesn't mention other than 22-SEP small article about Committee quits after 2 days)Look for feedback on the NCAA's filing of Case No. 1 by Walter Byers-
1/1/1953...2/24/19531953Lexington Herald (X) Leader (X), Louisville Defender S-278 LCJ (searched on rupp from 1-JAN to 24-FEB with no luck ) Others ( ) ( )Look for information on Rupp petitioning Lexington Civic Leaders to allow integrated teams in Lexington for the planned UKIT. UK publicly announced February 23, 1953 that they would hold the event. Looked in Herald & Leader around Feb. 23 and didn't find.Adolph Rupp
12/20/1954...12/23/19541954Lexington Herald (X - searched 10-24 DEC ) Lexington Leader (X - pulled game columns and stories but didn't look closely elsewhere in paper) LCJ ( ) Philadelphia Inquirer ( ) Others ( ) ( )Look for details on location where La Salle stayed in Lexington for their game held on 22-DEC-1954. According to La Salle player Frank Blatcher in "Palestra Panedemonium" he claimed that teammate Alonzo Lewis was not allowed to stay with team.1954-55
3/5/1955...3/6/19551955Lexington Herald (X) Lexington Leader ( )Look for information on Rupp's silver anniversary celebration after the UK-UT game on March 5. Look for information on the Cadillac provided along with information on the banquet, commemorative plates and headdresses. Game Story was written in Herald-Leader on 6-MAR. Adolph Rupp
5/15/1955...5/20/19551955Mobile AL paper ( )Look for report of Wilson Lewis Kline who died on 15-MAY-1955 in Mobile.-
3/28/1959...3/29/19591959Lexington Herald (X) Leader ( ) Kansas City Star MF 1253 ( X ) Newspapers ( )Look for information on the Ararat Shrine Basketball game held in Kansas City municipal Auditorium March 28, 1959. Rupp was coach of the East team.Adolph Rupp
1/26/1961...1/30/19611961Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader (X) SEC Archives ( )Look for information on the 1961 SEC winter meetings held in Orlando FL and what was discussed. Frank Dickey attended. Lex Herald nor Leader mention anything unusual.-
3/9/1961...3/11/19611961Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader (X) Louisville Courier Journal (X) Lousville Defender (S-278) ( X ); Nashville TN Banner( X) LOC # 1483; Nashville Tennessean (X - nothing Mar 9-11 ) LOC # 1485Look for any response to Fred Russell's column in the Nashville Banner concerning UK potentially signing two players out of "Louisivlle Lincoln". LH and LL had no mention. LCJ and Defender no mention. Banner has original column but no response in either followup columns or editorials (through March 13)-
2/12/1961...2/15/19611961Ashland paper ( ) Not available in WTY. other ( )Look for Obituary of Henry D. Shanklin of Ashland.-
5/29/1965...5/31/19651965Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader ( ) LCJ ( X ) Louisville Defender S-278 ( X )Look for announcement of Butch Beard concerning his desire to attend UK. Also look for aftermath the following week. Get cleaner copy of article "UK Calls halt to its Efforts to Sign Beard" on June 1, 1965 in LCJ. ( ) Also get cleaner copy of Lex Herald editorial "UK Acts Properly in Beard Matter" on June 2, 1965 ( X - Got) -
8/27/1967...8/31/19671967Lexington Herald (X ) Lexington Leader ( ); Knoxville Journal (X) LOC # 1481Look for any commentary about Spencer Haywood leaving Tennessee. Nothing found in Herald or Leader. Leader sports section is missing from 8/31 edition. Knoxville Journal looked 27-AUG to 31-AUG. Only found article form AUG 29th talking about him not meeting entrance requirements. May need to check September. Lexington Herald doesn't mention Haywood at all in 1967.-
3/13/1969...3/14/19691969Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader ( ); Milwaukee Journal ( ) LOC # 1533; Milwaukee Sentinel ( ) LOC # 1534; Wisconsin (Madison) State Journal ( ) LOC # 1531Information on Al McGuire's Marquette rivalry with Adolph Rupp before game in Madison. 3/13/1969 - Marquette
5/30/19691969Lex. Leader ( ) LCJ ( ) Loc # 1158John McGill article led to letter (either in Leader or LCJ from George Hill)-
10/2/1969...10/5/19691969Leitchfield Gazette S-202 ( )Check Leitchfield Gazette S-202 in UK microfilm for obituary on John W. Head who died 2-OCT-1969 in Leitchfield. See if this is same person who was referee in Louisville.-
11/10/1971...12/15/19711971Middlesboro Daily News ( ) Corbin Times-Tribune (X) possibly others. Check Lexington Herald ( ) Leader ( )Article in series by Adolph Rupp about various topic. On the 9-NOV-1971 article (which was first in series) (both Leader & Corbin Times) he talks about the loss of Tom Payne and how it reminds him of the loss of Cowboy Edwards. Says that he will talk more about Payne in a future article. Find this. 10-NOV-1971 in Corbin paper article on Assistant Coaches. 16-NOV in Leader he has article talking about giving Top Priority to Recruiting Strong Freshmen. Tom Payne
12/1/1972...12/10/19721972Lexington Herald (X - didn't find ); Lexington Leader (X - didn't find anything )Look for article concerning Lexington Lafayette Jock Sutherland and playing his son. (Searched Herald DEC 1-7 didn't find) (Searched Leader Sports Pages 1-DEC through 10-DEC but didn't see anything obvious)-
11/10/1973...11/11/19731973Lex Herald (X); Leader ( ) Baton Rouge State Times (X - Revisit) LOC # 1162; Others ( ) ( )Look for information on a Adolph Rupp - John Wooden day held at LSU with Joe Dean the master of ceremonies. There was an intrasquad game between LSU teams. Didn't see mentioned in Herald. Revisit Baton Rouge State Times to get right hand side of first page of article on 11-NOV-1973Adolph Rupp
3/18/1976...3/22/19761976Washington Times ( )Look for article by David Israel on the 10th anniversary of the 1966 Nationa championship game3/19/1966 - Texas Western
3/25/1977...3/27/19771977Lexington Herald (X - nothing ) LOC 2149; Leader (X - nothing ); LCJ LOC # 1161 (X - article by Dick Fenlon); Atlanta Const. (X ) Atlanta Journal (X - has article) LOC # 4632; Atlanta Daily World ( X nothing looked through 31-MAR) LOC # 1036; Asheville (NC) Citizen Times LOC 1385 (X - nothing) others ( ) ( )Look for information on speech Rupp gave to the coaches convention during the 1977 Final Four in Atlanta. (Night of Friday 3/25) Also speaking were John Wooden and Henry Iba. Newspaperarchive mentions the speech but no details. Larry Pope reportedly wrote an article discussing the speech for the Asheville Citizen Times after Rupp's death (12/10/1977)Adolph Rupp
8/14/1982...8/15/19821982Lex. Leader ( )Six part series by Tom Siler on the history of the SEC. Already have parts 1-4. Looking for parts 5 and 6.-
1/1/1980...12/1/19821982Louisville Courier-Journal ( ) LOC # 1158Look for article from early 1980s interviewing Kelly Tripucka about the Notre Dame-UK series, saying how Digger Phelps approached the games. Likely done prior to UK-ND games. 12/29/1979 ( ); 12/27/1980 ( ) [Last game Tripucka played vs. UK] ; 12/29/1981 (X); 12/1/1982 (X) -
UK Special Collections 61 boxes, 23 fet. UK War Memorial archives (UK Special Collections)-
2/5/1904...2/7/19041904Lexington Herald (X - nothing checked FEB-05-08 ), Lex. Leader (X ), Georgetown Times S-264 ( X ) Georgetonian ( ) UK Yearbook ( X )Look for evidence of a game played between UK and Georgetown on 2/6/1904, a game reportedly won by UK. This supposedly was listed in the UK yearbook but it's not. Not named in Leader, Herald not available at WTY Library. Georgetown 2/17/04 mentions a game which was called off around 2/11/04 due to a ref dispute.1903-04
6/12/1908...//1908Lexington Herald p. 8 col. 4(Transylvania) [KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY.] - 551621 - Kentucky University passes into history. Transylvania ushered in again.-
11/28/1909...//1909Lexington Leader p. 8 col. 4[TRANSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 8 col. 4] 696904 - "Students at old T.U." Transylvania is easily the most cosmopolitan school in the state, if not in the South. In her student body this year are represented 23 states and 4 foreign countries.-
1/12/19101910Lex Leader p 1 col. 3Title: "Iddings likely to be State coach" Abstract: The State University football team of 1911 will probably be coached by H. Iddings, one of the former stars of the West, and who in 1907 and 1908 was the selection of Walter Camp for All Western halfback.Link (S couldn't find)Harold J. Iddings
6/3/1911...//1911Lexington Leader p. 1 col. 5(Transylvania) [TRANSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 1 col. 5] - 712660 - "Levine to stay at Transylvania" It was officially announced at Transylvania University Friday that Coach John W. Levine, who has so successfully directed athletics at that institution during the past year, will be with the university again next year.-
2/18/19111911Lexington Leader p. 4 col. 4"Basketball" By defeating the Louisville Male High School five at the State University Armory Friday night, the Lexington High School team clinched its claim to the state championship. -
11/25/1912...//1912Lex. Leader p. 7, col. 5"Nothing being said at State" Just what will be done by the authorities at State University with respect to the athletic difficulties and estrangements with other universities in Kentucky and in the South, and just where State will go now to make out her schedules for basket ball, base ball and track during the coming season, and for foot ball next fall, is the question that the college world in Kentucky is asking, and one that the authorities themselves seem unable, or at least refuse, to answer.1911-12
10/22/1912...//1912Lex. Leader p. 2 col. 1"Unfortunate football muddle" - "Who will play Central University Thanksgiving?" is the question uppermost in the minds of football enthusiasts in Lexington and throughout the state, and whether it be State or Transylvania that gets the engagement, it looks like someone will suffer. Here are the facts in the case: On December 18 of last year a contract was made out for a football game for Thanksgiving, 1912, between State and Central, and sent to Central to be signed. This was signed and returned in January, sealing the contract. Although both schools were at the time members of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the contract was drawn up under the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association ruling, of which both schools are also members. On June 4 the Executive Committee of the K.I.A.A. met in Lexington, suspended State University from the Association for one year,...-
1/23/19131913Lex Leader ( ) Lex Herald (X)Edwin Sweetland resignation. Find out more information about circumstances. Can't find mention in HeraldEdwin R. Sweetland
4/10/19141914Lexington Leader P. 13, col. 3-4"Best basketball season ever known here comes to end" The First Baptist Church team has carried off the championship of the Sunday-school League. All other Basket Ball Leagues of the Y. M. C. A. have closed with a snap that bids fair to make next year's basketball schedule the best ever experienced in Lexington. The Y. M. C. A. this year had the most successful basketball season they have ever had, and at every game the spectators were out in large numbers to root for their teams. Five basketball leagues were conducted by the Y. M. C. A. and each one was a grand success, the players and spectators manifesting much interest and enthusiasm in every game. -
3/3/1921...3/4/19211921Lexington Leader (X) Lexington Herald (X)Look for aftermath of UK's victory in SIAA tournament in Atlanta on 01-MAR-1921, including information on the awarding of basketball charms to the victors. Looked in Leader (03-05 MAR) 03-MAR mentions silver cup but not charms. Herald looked 02-05 MAR. Basil Hayden
2/28/1930...3/4/19301930Atlanta Constitution ( ) LOC #1033Look for photographs from Atlanta tournament (apparently Constitution started taking photos in 1930)-
1933..19391933.1939Georgetown College Belle of the Blue YearbookLook at basketball rosters from 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937 & 1939-
1/6/1935...1/14/19351935New York papers NYT ( X ) Post ( ) LOC #1348Look for occurrence of a game between LIU and St. Johns where they tried using the 3 second rule. this was in response to the game earlier between Kentucky and NYU. An article by Joe Lapchick suggests it happened the week after the UK game (i.e. 1/12/1935 timeframe) but the St. Johns media guide lists a game on 1/30/1935 (i.e. closer to 3 weeks later). There is a game 1/30/1935 between the schools but no mention of a 3-second try. Check earlier dates for other games. Checked 1/6 to 1/20 in sports sections of NYT each day but no mention. Looked at NYU, St. Johns, LIU games.LeRoy Edwards
4/4/1935...4/15/19351935Lex. Herald ( ) Leader ( ) Chicago Papers ( ) New York Papers NYT (X ) ( )Look for information about implementation of the 3-second rule. Collegiate coaches met in Chicago around April 4th and discussed their ideas. Later in New York the National Association came out with their recommendations, which included the 3-second rule and further direction on blocking / screening1/5/1935 - New York University
4/15/1938...4/16/19381938Louisville CJ (X), Louisville Leader (X); Herald (X); Other Louisville Newspapers ( ) ( )Speech by Adolph Rupp to the Kentucky Negro Educators in Lexington - Rec. Center 920 W. Chestnut Street, Friday April 15. Checked LL, CJ and LH with no luck, except one excerpt suggesting KNEA was held in Louisville. Louisville Leader only paper to provide info.Adolph Rupp
6/6/1938...6/12/19381938Lexington Herald (X) Lexington Leader ( )Look for information on participants at coaching clinic in Lexington. Instructors include Bo McMillin, Rupp, Hinkle and cover both football and basketball.Adolph Rupp
3/11/1942...3/12/19421942Chicago [Herald] American ( ) LOC # 1637; Chicago Tribune (X) LOC Self-ServeThe Oshkosh All-Stars win the fourth annual World Professional Basketball Tournament. They beat the Detroit Eagles, 43-41, in the finals, played before a capacity crowd of 11,500 at the Chicago International Amphitheater. Gene Englund leads the Stars with 17 points.LeRoy Edwards
5/1/1948...5/30/19481948Lex. Herald (X) Lex. Leader ( )Check the Herald for any talks about setting up the Olympic Exhibition games, particularly on Stoll Field. It was announced in the NYT on May 29 that there will be three exhibition games, and mentions the outdoor game on Stoll Field. (Looked in Herald. Found a lot about ticket sales, opening up additional seats etc.)1947-48
2/8/19481948Lexington Leader ( )Under UK-Washington St. Louis boxscore is an article talking about films of two UK games to be shown. Check which games these are.-
3/8/1951...3/8/19511951Lex. Leader p. 17 col. 4-5Index # 774761 "Rupp given brown suit after delivering talk at Western's banquet" "basketball really is tough on brown suits," University of Kentucky Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp told diners at a Western Kentucky State College Basketball banquet here Wednesday night.Adolph Rupp
10/1/1953...11/15/19531953Lex Herald ( ): Lex Leader ( ); Minneapolis Star ( ) LOC # 1233; St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) LOC #1240Look for information, boxscores etc. on exhibition games with Minneapolis Lakers (early Oct./Nov.) (1950-1954). According to Dick Burdett Column, UK won an exhibition in Memorial that year.-
19541954Lex Herald ( ); Lex Leader ( )Look for information, boxscores etc. on exhibition games with Minneapolis Lakers (early Oct./Nov.) (1950-1954)-
3/20/1958...3/23/19581958LCJ ( ) LOC # 1158; Louisville Times ( ) LOC # 1161 ; Herald (Searched LH archives did not find X ), Lex Leader ( ), others ( ), Look for article on the use of Orange basketballs by Spalding, which was developed by Tony Hinkle and tested at the 1958 NCAA Finals in Louisville. The final game was held March 22.-
6/23/1962...6/26/19621962Washington Post ( ) Evening Star ( )Look for obituary of James E. Colliflower who died in Washington D.C. on 23-JUN-1962.-
3/29/1963...4/8/19631963Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( )NABC game held in Memorial Coliseum. Look for information on games, including any quotes from Rupp. (Nat. Championship game held March 23, 1963 at Louisville)-
4/1/1963...4/21/19631963Kentucky Kernel ( ) Louisville Courier Journal ( ) Lousville Defender (S-278) ( ) Articles about integration of UK's sports programs (note that the Trustees meeting was April 2) based on a Kernel poll which was done earlier.-
3/27/1964...4/5/19641964Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( )NABC game held in Memorial Coliseum. Look for information on games, including any quotes from Rupp. (Nat. Championship game held March 21, 1964 at Kansas City)-
3/26/1965...3/28/19651965Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( )NABC game held in Memorial Coliseum. Look for information on games, including any quotes from Rupp. (Nat. Champion game held March 20). This game was held March 27, 1965.-
3/25/1966...4/5/19661966Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( )NABC game held in Memorial Coliseum. Look for information on games, including any quotes from Rupp. (Nat. Champ game held March 19, 1966)-
4/1/1967...4/10/19671967Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ); LCJ ( ) LOC # 1158NABC game held in Memorial Coliseum. Look for information on games, including any quotes from Rupp. (Nat. Championship game held March 25, 1967 at Louisville)-
5/20/1967...5/22/19671967Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ); Knoxville Journal (X ) LOC # 1481Look for any quotes by Kentucky officials on the intention of Spencer Haywood to sign with Tennessee. Knoxville Journal 20-May has article announcing he signed. Looked to 25-MAY but did not see any mention of UK.-
12/11/1971...12/13/19711971Lou. C-J ( X ) , Lex Herald (X - searched ), Lex. Leader ( )Game info on UK vs. IU held on 11-DEC-1971. Look for quote from Bobby Knight on Rupp.Adolph Rupp
2/21/1972...2/22/19721972Athens GA paper ( ) Atlanta Constitution LOC # 1033 (X - nothing ); Atlanta Journal LOC #4632 ( )Look for any information about game between UK and Georgia.2/21/1972 - Georgia
11/26/19051905New York Times NYT (X) New York Other ( ) ( ) Boston Globe ( ) LOC # Self-Serve Boston Herald ( ) LOC #1200Yale-Harvard game won by Yale 6-0. Look for front-page article the next day in the New York Times describing final series of runs by John "Dutch" Levine. (Not exactly as advertised. NYT does have some photos but not a series of plays,and they are a week after the fact. Perhaps Boston paper has series of plays.?)-
11/14/1909...//1909Lexington Leader p. 6 col. 1-3(Transylvania) [SPORTS. FOOTBALL. STATE UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 6 col. 1-3] - 696941 - "State wins 77 to 0" It was slaughter, pure and simple. The State University football team defeated their former rival, the Transylvania eleven on the Stoll field Saturday afternoon by the score of seventy-seven to nothing, the largest score probably ever known in a Kentucky game.-
12/12/19101910Lex Leader p. 1 col 5KENTUCKY INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Title: "State will play Kentucky teams" Abstract: Prof. A. M. Miller returned Sunday night from Birmingham, AL, where he had been the past several days attending the annual meeting of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Prof. Miller on Monday gave out a statement that State will remain in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Link-
4/12/1910...//1910Lexington Leader p. 1 col. 3(Transylvania) [SPORTS. FOOTBALL. TRANSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 1 col. 3] - 709251 - "Crimsons' new coach" President R. H. Crossfield of Transylvania University has confirmed the report that a new football and general athletic coach has been engaged and announced that John Levine of Yale, 1907, is the man selected for the season of 1910 and 1911.-
11/19/1911...//1911Lexington Leader p. 7 col. 1-4[SPORTS. FOOTBALL. STATE UNIVERSITY.] [Leader. p. 7 col. 1-4] - 717611 - "State loses to Transylvania by score of 12 to 5" The surprise of the season came at League Park, Saturday, when the Transylvania football team won from State by a score of 12 to 5.-
12/15/1912...//1912Lex. Leader sec 1 p. 1 col. 5-6"Transylvania and Central" - From a letter received Friday by Mr. E.R. Sweetland, director of athletics at State University, from Mr. H.S. Ellis of Eminence, it would seem that other colleges besides State, and members of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association, which State is not, have been playing men on their athletic teams who are ineligible to play there.-
10/12/19131913Lex. Herald p. 1. col. 2KIAA accepts invitation to join National Association. -
1/17/19131913Lex. Herald p. 1 col. 2STATE UNIVERSITY. Prof. J. J. Tigert, Professor of Philosophy, appointed to succeed E. R. Sweetland as Athletic Director. LinkJohn J. Tigert
3/4/19151915Lex. Herald ( ), Lex. Leader ( )SIAA eligibility rules-
4/8/19251925Lex. Leader p 6 col. 1-2"Applegran will not be recalled" The University of Kentucky's contract with C.O. Applegran, varsity basket ball and track coach, will not be renewed after it expires at the close of the present school tern, it was decided at a meeting of the Athletic Council held in the Athletic Director S.A. Boles' office Tuesday night. Head Coach Fred J. Murphy will be asked to suggest a successor to Applegran....Clarence Applegran
3/13/19301930Lex. Leader p. 2 col. 4SPORTS. BASKETBALL. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. - "U. of K. offers Mauer contract" - A two-year contract at increased salary was offered to John Mauer, coach of the University of Kentucky basket ball team by the Athletic Council at a meeting this morning, but Coach Mauer had not accepted it early this afternoon. Coach Mauer received an attractive offer from a northern university and it was the opinion of several members of the University of Kentucky Athletic Council that he would accept that offer over that made by the University of Kentucky. LinkJohn Mauer
3/15/19301930Lex Leader p. 10 col. 5Colored Notes Discusses Dunbar HS taking a trip to Hampton Va. as part of a national tournament. Many citizen so of Lexington have contributed towards the expenses.-
3/4/19301930Lex. Leader, p. 2 col. 3"Former UK. Coach now Duke Director" George Buchheit, who in 1921 coached the only Kentucky basket ball team that ever won the Southern championship, is now assistant athletic director at Duke University, home of the Blue Devils who eliminated the Wildcats Monday night. LinkGeorge C. Buchheit
3/4/19401940Leader p. 6 col. 7Title: "Rupp credited with bettering game in South" Abstract: Kentucky's Wildcats had another Southeastern Conference basketball championship tucked away in mothballs today, and it could be regarded as a personal triumph for their colorful coach, Adolph Rupp. It was Kentucky's second consecutive title and the fourth for the Bluegrass boys since the league was organized in 1933. They achieved great victory by trimming a scrappy Georgia quintet 51-43 in the annual tournament finals here Saturday nightAdolph Rupp
11/26/1942...11/28/19421942Chicago Papers ( ), Oshkosh Northwestern ( )Look for information on game between Oshkosh All Stars and Collegiate All Star team in ChicagoLeRoy Edwards
9/14/1945...9/23/19451945Lexington Herald (X - searched) Lexington Leader ( )Rupp was in Europe at a coaching / officiating clinic given by the Air Force. Certificate on September 21, 1945.Adolph Rupp
19521952Westville, IN local paperHarold Iddings died around this time (August 1952)Harold Iddings
2/20/19521952Louisville Papers Courier Journal (X) LOC # 1158; Louisville Times ( ) LOC # 1161; Other ( ), Lex Herald (X) Lex Leader ( )Look for information on Harlem Globetrotters exhibition in Louisville. Supposed to be held 20-FEB-1952 but Olympians played instead. Globetrotters later played in Owensboro on March 3.-
4/30/1952...//1952Louisville Courier Journal Page 1 ( ) LOC # 1158Article on Saul Streit's report. Adolph Rupp
3/6/19601960Lexington Herald-Leader (X); Louisville Courier-Journall (X); Pittsburgh Post Gazette MF# 1456 ( ) [Sunday not in while Sat and Monday available. Likely not published on Sunday.]; Pittsburgh Press MF# 1457 (X )Look on information on reported 'fight' between Mike Ditka and Rupp during game on 5-MAR-1960 (search of comes up with nothing for date) 3/5/1960 - Pittsburgh
19641964Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ), Lou C-J ( X ) Lousville Defender (S-278) ( )Wes Unseld recruitment. Articles from High School tournament. (Around March) Look for information on his recruitment by UK and Louisville etc. -
11/12/1966...11/13/19661966Lexington Leader ( ); Herald (X - searched didn't find ); Memphis Commercial Appeal (X -nothing check 12-14 ) LOC # 1482; Other ( )Look for comments by Adolph Rupp at Memphis Rebounders dinner introducing new Memphis State head coach Moe Iba.Adolph Rupp
3/29/1967...4/2/19671967Lexington Herald ( ) Lexington Leader ( )Look for comments by Rupp on the institution of the no-dunking ruleAdolph Rupp
3/15/1968...3/16/19681968Lex. Leader ( ), Lex. Heral (X - searched); Milwaukee Journal ( ) LOC # 1533; Milwaukee Sentinel ( ) LOC # 1534Information on Al McGuire's Marquette rivalry with Adolph Rupp3/15/1968 - Marquette
3/20/1971...3/21/19711971Lex. Leader ( ), Lex. Herald ( ); Milwaukee Journal ( ) LOC # 1533; Milwaukee Sentinel ( ) LOC # 1534; Athens GA ( ) papersInformation on Al McGuire's Marquette rivalry with Adolph Rupp3/20/1971 - Marquette
1/1/1971...1/1/19751971.1975Lexington LeaderArticle about 1915 Athletics. Part of "Remember Back When" series published in the Lexington Leader in the early 1970's. The article was referenced by another "Remember When" article by Karl Zerfoss titled "Remember Back When . . . Jim Park, Doc Rodes, Tuttle Were Athletes Par Excellence" which states the article was written 'recently'. Unfortunately the date of the Zerfoss article is unknown but thought to be circa 1971.

Series started Monday May 3, 1971 in Lexington Leader

5/15/19721972Atlanta Journal ( ) LOC #4632; Atlanta Constitution ( ) LOC # 1033; Atlanta Daily World ( ) LOC # 1036; Lex. Leader ( ), Lex. Herald ( )Look for articles on Tom Payne being arrested in Atlanta.Tom Payne
3/16/1972...3/17/19721972Lex. Leader ( ), Lex. Herald ( ); Milwaukee Journal ( ) LOC # 1533; Milwaukee Sentinel ( ) LOC # 1534; Dayton OH Daily News ( ) LOC # 1418Information on Al McGuire's Marquette rivalry with Adolph Rupp3/16/1972 - Marquette
4/10/19721972Time MagazineThe Wooden Touch. Gives quote from Rupp "They can leave me with my team or they may as well take me out to the Lexington cemetery."Adolph Rupp
3/15/1975...3/16/19751975Lexington Herald (X-nothing other than Photo of McGuire and Joe Hall ) Leader ( ) Milwaukee Journal ( ) LOC # 1533; Milwaukee Sentinel ( ) LOC # 1534; Tuscaloosa AL papersInformation on Al McGuire's Marquette rivalry with Adolph Rupp3/15/1975 - Marquette
11/7/1975...11/9/19751975Gainesville FL paper ( ) or other Florida paper ( )Look for obituary for Samuel J. McAllister, died 5-NOV-1975 in Gainesville.-
12/12/19771977Lex Leader B-4 ( )Title: "An Adolph Rupp chronology…" Abstract: [full page of photographs of Coach Rupp]Adolph Rupp
7/27/1977...7/31/19771977Dallas TX paper ( ) Greencastle IN paper ( )Look for obituary of Lloyd Lowell Messersmith, dod 27-JUL-1977 in Dallas TX. Former DePauw player and coach.-
11/29/1982...12/4/19821982Knoxville paper ( ) Thomasville Ga paper ( )Look for Obituary for William H. (Bill) Britton, coach at Tennessee who died 29-NOV-1982. Last known living in Thomasville Ga in 1964.-
9/14/19831983Lex. H-L ( ) LOC # 2149UK calls off games against Soviets to protect attack on (South Korean) plane. A1 col. 1-6 and A-141983-84
1/28/19831983Oral History 830H07 KH208 (30 min.)Theodore Berry oral history (30 minutes)-
2/25/19881988Lexington Herald Leader ( )"At UK, races get along but don't mix"-
8/13/1993...8/15/19931993Champaign paper ( ) Urbana paper ( ) OtherLook for Obituary for Doug Mills, head coach of Illinois who died in Urbana IL 12-AUG-1993.-
12/25/19941994Lexington Herald Leader ( )"Tradition is History Past Holds" not sure what this is about-
2/25/19981998Lex. H-L Bluegrass p. 2Title: "Guthrie, Woodland part of city history" Abstract: … Guthrie, who was 90 when he died in 1991, had been a staff reporter and editor on the staff of the old Lexington Leader in the days when there were two newspapers in town - and even in the days when there were two different owners of the papers. He wrote a lot about Lexington in his autobiography. One of his stories was about the night at the old Woodland Park Auditorium when the town's legendary drag queen, James "Sweet Evening Breeze" Herndon was the featured performer in what was described as "an extravaganza." Link-
2/9/20032003Saint Paul Pioneer Press LOC # 1240 (checked 9-FEB-2003 but didn't find, recheck date) ( )NO SHORTAGE OF GLORY IN KENTUCKY'S FIRST 100 YEARS The opening loss aside, Kentucky has evolved into college basketball's most-winning program, and a century later is celebrating a history Complete Article, 2743 words (Recheck Date) --
3/4/1904...//1904Lex. Leader p. 6 col 1"Social and personal" The Girls' Basketball Team of Jessamine Institute will play a match game with Girls' Team at State College tomorrow, Saturday, afternoon at 4 o'clock. The game will be played in State College gymnasium and will be open to the public, the admission being 25 cents. . . . Different from the usual game there are to be six players on the side as this is required by the Jessamine Institute basketball rules. Two centers are played instead of one. -
11/21/19081908Lex. Leader p 1 col 4-5Title: "Woodland Church" Abstract: The Woodland Christian Church will be dedicated on Sunday afternoon and the services will be held at the Auditorium which is quite near the new house of worship which is to be dedicated. [includes photo] Link-
8/9/19081908Lex. Leader p. 24 col 1-7Title: "Glimpses of the State University of Kentucky" Abstract: The State University, originally one of the colleges of Kentucky University, began a separate existence as the Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1878. Then it had a faculty of five, now it begins its career as a university with a faculty of more than 50 and equipment unequaled in Kentucky. Article includes information on entrance requirements, expenses and photos of the Agricultural Building, Experiment Station, Mechanical Hall, Boy's Old Dormitory, Boy's New Dormitory, Science Hall, Mining Laboratory, Educational Building, Patterson Hall Dormitory, Main Building, Carnegie Library (under construction), Gymnasium, athletic field, President's home and the Chemistry Building.-
11/24/1912...//1912Lex. Leader sec. 1 p. 1 col. 5"State out of Southern I. A. A." - A letter was received by Professor R. E. Monroe, chairman of the Transylvania Athletic Association, Saturday afternoon, from Dr. F. L. Rainey, of Central University, stating that he had received a telegram from President Dudley, of the Southern Intercollegiate Association to the effect that a sufficient number of votes had been cast to suspend State University from that institution, and that for the present at least, State University was no longer one of the members of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Assocaition.-
2/28/19401940Lex. Leader p. 1 col. 7Title: "Coach hopeful of field house" Abstract: A combination auditorium and field house located preferably on the north side of Euclid avenue opposite the Stoll field stadium and equipped to provide space not only for basketball, but ice skating, hockey, horse shows, large concerts and turtle derbies is the dream of Adolph Rupp, head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, he told members of the Lexington Lions Club at their weekly luncheon-meeting today at the Lafayette hotel. LinkAdolph Rupp
19451945New York Papers NYT ( ) LOC Self-Serve; Brooklyn Eagle ( ) LOC # 1303LIU games December 1944 through January 1945. DePaul Wyoming Kentucky (1/1/1945) at Rider West Virginia @ US Marines1944-45
3/17/19471947New York Papers NYT ( ) LOC Self-ServeInformation on NIT game vs. LIU, including pregame and post-game comments. LIU New York Maritime @ Salem State vs. Muhlenberg NIT1946-47
3/9/1947...3/12/19471947Dayton Beach papers ( ), Michigan City papers ( ), Linton IN papers ( )Thomas Andrew Gill died on 3/9/1947. Look for more detailed obituary. Note he likely was the long-time coach at Michigan City IN.Andrew Gill
1950s1950Kansas City MO papers ( ) Kansas City Star ( ) LOC # 1253Look for information on Shriners game. Who played and who coached. This was played around the same time as the NCAA championship game. (various years in 1950s)-
9/25/1962...10/15/19621962Lex. Leader ( ), Lex. Herald (X - searched )Fall of 1962, Rupp and Lancaster held a clinic in the Far East (one of three) sponsored by US Armed Services. 6-AUG-1962 Lexington Herald suggests sometime after a few weeks of clinics in the US West. 2-SEP-1962 Lexington Herald says in about two weeks he'll leave for Korea, Japan, Hawaii and other Pacific points.Adolph Rupp
10/3/1972...10/4/1972197210/3/1972 Leader p. 13 col. 8 10/4/1972 Leader p. 1 col. 2WOODLAND PARK. Source: Leader. Date: October 3, 1972 Location: p. 13 col. 8 Abstract: A meeting regarding the future use of the Woodland Auditorium site will be held at Maxwell School today. Mayor Foster Pettit will preside at the meeting which is sponsored by the City of Lexington Recreation and Parks Department. WOODLAND PARK. Source: Leader. Date: October 4, 1972 Location: p. 1 col. 2 Abstract: Woodland Park area residents and city officials have agreed that Woodland Auditorium should be replaced with a multi-purpose neighborhood recreation center.-
7/1/1982...7/15/19821982Lex. Herald (X) LOC # 2149 Lexington Leader ( ) LCJ ( )Check on exhibition games UK played in Far East and two games vs. China. Have Boxscore of 10-JUL vs. France and 12-JUL vs. China. 1981-82
6/1/1984...6/19/19841984Chicago Sun-Times ( ) LOC # 1073; Chicago Tribune (X checked 21-MAY to 19-JUN) LOC Self-serveLook for information on Bull's moves prior to NBA draft held Tuesday, June 19, 1984 at the Felt Forum in New York's Madison Square Garden.. Coin Flip was Wednesday, May 23 per Chicago Tribune.-
10/8/19851985Lex. H-L ( ) LOC # 2149Article on making movie out of "when the Trumpet Sounds" about Ed Beck and the 1958 Fiddlin Five team.Ed Beck
1/1/1986...2/2/19861986Chattanooga papers ( )Look for obituary of Bill Redd who died sometime in January 1986. Former UT Chattanooga player and coach-
2/24/20002000New York papers NYT ( ) Post LOC # 1348 ( ) Others ( ) Lex Herald ( ) Lex Leader ( ) Encino CA ( )Bernard Opper's Obituary. Died 2/24/2000Bernard Opper
1/30/20012001Newsday (NY) LOC # 3476 or 4657? ( )Look for Obituary of George Feigenbaum, dod is Dec, 25, 2000-
12/9/19381938Memphis Commercial Appeal (X - looked 08-DEC to 12-DEC) LOC # 1482Check if UK played a game around this date. Extremely unikely. Refind claim.1937-38
1/18/19861986Lex. H-L ( ) LOC # 2149Serguis Leach obituary. Claims to have played for Rupp in basketball-
12/2/19911991Lex H-L B-1 col. 5-6 and B-6 () LOC # 2149SPRADLIN, BOBBIE - "Retiring official at Shriners hospital will miss children" - Her first was boss was Adolph Rupp. And celebrities like Nancy Reagan, Pete Rose and Michael Jordan were among the guests she greeted. But more than anything else, Bobbie Spradlin will miss the patients at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children when she retires as administrator December 20. LinkAdolph Rupp
10/11/20002000Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel LOC # 3525 ( ) (Confirmed)C.M. Newton article. Page 1C, 2296 words (Lexis Nexis Search) "service to the game; raised in Fort Lauderdale"C.M. Newton

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