Kentucky Leaders in 3pt Field Goals by Season

Minimum Number: 40 Records Kept Since: 1987

#NameSeasonGames3pt Field Goals
1Jodie Meeks2008-0936117
2Travis Ford1992-9334101
3Derrick Miller1989-902899
4Tony Delk1993-943495
5Tony Delk1995-963693
6Brandon Knight2010-113887
7Patrick Sparks2004-053482
7James Young2013-144082
9Keith Bogans2002-033680
10Gerald Fitch2003-042979
11Tony Delk1994-953377
12Doron Lamb2011-124076
13Keith Bogans2000-013474
14Jeff Sheppard1997-983871
15Ramel Bradley2006-073469
15Patrick Sparks2005-063569
15Anthony Epps1996-974069
18Rex Chapman1986-872968
18Doron Lamb2010-113868
20Rex Chapman1987-883266
20Jamal Mashburn1992-933466
22Tayshaun Prince2001-023265
22Julius Mays2012-133365
24Dale Brown1992-933464
24Tayshaun Prince2000-013464
26Joe Crawford2007-083063
26Travis Ford1993-943363
26Joe Crawford2006-073463
29John Pelphrey1990-912862
29Aaron Harrison2013-144062
31Gerald Fitch2002-033661
31Scott Padgett1998-993761
33Aaron Harrison2014-153959
34Ramel Bradley2007-083058
34Jamal Mashburn1991-923658
34Devin Booker2014-153858
34Darius Miller2010-113858
38Darius Miller2011-124056
39Kyle Wiltjer2012-133355
39Richie Farmer1991-923555
41Derrick Miller1988-893254
42Keith Bogans2001-023252
42John Pelphrey1991-923652
44Darnell Dodson2009-103550
45Eric Bledsoe2009-103749
45Ron Mercer1996-974049
47Keith Bogans1999-003348
47Saul Smith2000-013448
47Deron Feldhaus1991-923648
50Joe Crawford2005-063247
50Scott Padgett1996-973247
50Kelenna Azubuike2004-053447
53Jeff Brassow1990-912846
53Richie Farmer1990-912846
53Tayshaun Prince1999-003246
53Jeff Brassow1993-943346
57Dale Brown1991-923545
58John Pelphrey1989-902844
58Jodie Meeks2006-073444
60Anthony Epps1995-963643
60Darius Miller2009-103843
62Cameron Mills1996-973142
63Scott Padgett1997-983940

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