Alabama at Kentucky

- Monday, February 20 1978 -

Alabama - 84 (Head Coach: C.M. Newton) - [Unranked]
Ken Johnson3241223241110
Reginald King38916691441224
Chris Bragwell8122221014
Robert Scott3281446154420
Anthony Murray26281445725
Kent Looney3161256634217
Robert Chapman14110012002
Greg McElveen9140002012
Richie Hood7010011010
Kelly Shy3010000000

Kentucky - 97 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Jack Givens2591044442022
Rick Robey256666645218
Mike Phillips205712251311
Kyle Macy395956235415
Truman Claytor20142213424
Chris Gettelfinger1000100000
Jay Shidler16254422128
Tim Stephens4020000200
James Lee293478912713
Fred Cowan5110002002
Scott Courts1000000000
Chuck Aleksinas6110133012
Lavon Williams9120012112

Halftime Score: Kentucky 47, Alabama 31
Officials: Julius Sneed and Jack Manton
Attendance: 23,472
Arena: Rupp Arena
References: Lexington Herald-Leader, Cats Pause and Louisville Courier-Journal

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Rick Robey scrambles for the ball

Mike Phillips (#55) dunks

Lavon Williams (#52) scores two points

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