Kentucky at Tennessee

- Saturday, February 25 1978 -

Kentucky - 68 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 2nd by AP]
Jack Givens3571444742018
Rick Robey265702822210
Mike Phillips2561012441013
Jay Shidler33362213008
Truman Claytor13110001122
Kyle Macy34262210456
James Lee19242222036
Chuck Aleksinas3000000000
Lavon Williams12231102005

Tennessee - 57 (Head Coach: Cliff Wettig) - [Unranked]
Terry Crosby4061156223217
Reggie Johnson40814710941323
Kevin Nash (*)18010040210
James Ratiff18130043042
Johnny Darden39390003656
Bert Bertelkamp25360032106
Howard Wood20141234103

Halftime Score: Kentucky 31, Tennessee 25
Technical Fouls: None
Officials: Bob Wortman and Ken Lauderdale
Attendance: 12,700
Arena: Stokely Center
References: Lexington Herald-Leader, Cats Pause and The Tennessean

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Kevin Nash (#43) rebounds over Mike Phillips (#55)

Rick Robey (#53) works against Tennessee's Howard Wood with Terry Crosby behind him

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