Kentucky vs. North Carolina

- Monday, December 8 1975 -

(at Charlotte, NC)

Kentucky - 77 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 7th by AP]
Jack Givens376161214104024
Rick Robey166102285014
Truman Claytor38313000326
Larry Johnson347154574118
James Lee2224005504
Dan Hall1813004502
Merion Haskins10007103007
Bob Fowler402000200
Reggie Warford701220402
Mike Phillips1404005200

North Carolina - 90 (Head Coach: Dean Smith) - [Ranked 4th by AP]
Walter Davis3861379122319
Tommy LaGarde1838005506
Mitch Kupchak308128995024
Phil Ford286152315814
John Kuester3334344249
Bruce Buckley1726466208
Dave Hanners1611242414
Dudley Bradley211000002
Tom Zaliagiris301000300
Jeff Crompton911002202
Keith Valentine211001002
Bill Chambers300000000
Woody Coley100000000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 42, North Carolina 42
Officials: Don Wedge and Jim Pinkerton
Attendance: 11,177
Arena: Charlotte Coliseum (Old)
References: Louisville Courier-Journal

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Kentucky's Dan Hall (#54) taps in a shot over UNC's Bruce Buckley (#40) and Jeff Crompton (#41)

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