Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Tuesday, January 5 1960 -

Kentucky - 76 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Unranked]
Don Mills4015671648
Carroll Burchett3910164613524
Ned Jennings365122311512
Bill Lickert28410683514
Bennie Coffman152411345
Jim McDonald11102002
Sid Cohen30013001
Larry Pursiful31102112
Allen Feldhaus40200110
Dick Parsons312744248

Vanderbilt - 59 (Head Coach: Bob Polk) - [Unranked]
Ben Rowan191611353
Jack Allen Pirrie70000050
Bill Depp396171618213
Bill Johnson3821146338
Bobby Bland4041112151320
Larry Banks261649736
Ray Clark222834617
Jerry Don Hall50000110
Warren Fiser31200022
Jack Doninger10000110

Halftime Score: Vanderbilt 27, Kentucky 26
Officials: Max Macon and Don Souder
Attendance: 4500
Arena: Memorial Gymnasium (Vanderbilt)
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald

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Ned Jennings shoots over Vanderbilt's Ben Rowan

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