Duke at Kentucky

- Monday, December 21 1953 -


Duke - 69 (Head Coach: Harold Bradley) - [Ranked 13th by AP]
Bernie Janicki622314
Ronnie Mayer545514
Don Tobin00220
Charles Dreisell (*)20404
Marty Doherty10012
Marvin Decker10032
Rudy Lacy22316
Junior Morgan22436
Rudy D'Emilio21225
Joe Belmont445312
Fred Shabel12404
Harold Turner00000

Kentucky - 85 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 2nd by AP]
Lou Tsioropoulos555315
Billy Evans23407
Hugh Coy00010
Phil Grawemeyer31117
Bill Bibb00010
Cliff Hagan10711427
Frank Ramsey835219
Linville Puckett11233
Gayle Rose31427
Clay Evans00010
Pete Grigsby00000
Jess Curry00010

Halftime Score: Kentucky 40, Duke 37
Officials: Matty Begovich and Jim Crowe
Attendance: 9500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Lexington Herald and Duke University

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Game Writeup - by Ed Ashford, Lexington Herald

Cliff Hagan maneuvers against the Duke defense

Lou Tsioropoulos (#16) drives against two Duke defenders

Action from the game

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