Kentucky vs. Mississippi

- Saturday, February 4 1950 -

(at Memphis, TN)

Kentucky - 61 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 6th by AP]
Jim Line33309
Walter Hirsch20114
Bill Spivey646416
Shelby Linville30016
Bobby Watson624414
Dale Barnstable435511
Lucian Whitaker01131

Mississippi - 55 (Head Coach: Bonnie Graham) - [Unranked]
R.B. Reeves23327
Jack Marshall10022
Jimmy Childers22336
Don Smith32448
Al Graehler845320
Marion Cook00110
Cliff Mehrtens602312

Halftime Score: Kentucky 32, Mississippi 22
Officials: Harry Anderson and Max Macon
Attendance: 4000
Arena: Ellis Auditorium
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald-Leader and University of Mississippi

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Dale Barnstable (#24) shield Ole Miss player Don Smith (#22) from the ball while Jim Line (#34) looks on

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