South Carolina at Kentucky

- Monday, December 22 1941 -

South Carolina - 25 (Head Coach: Frank Johnson)
Stan Stasica1335
Preston Westmoreland2216
Lannie Lofdahl1042
Earl Dunham1002
John Rogers1022
Burt Orr1305
Henry Brogdon0101

Kentucky - 64 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Ermal Allen1032
Vincent Splane35311
Melvin Brewer2115
Carl Staker1113
Marvin Akers50010
James King1002
Waller White1002
Kenneth England1123
Adrian Back1032
Milt Ticco71015
Ed Lander0101
Frank Etscorn3006
Bruce Boehler1012
Louis Robertson0000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 35, South Carolina 13
Officials: Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Back (Xavier)
Attendance: 1500
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and University of South Carolina

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Frank Etscorn and South Carolina's Stanley Stasica battle for a rebound while Ed Lander (#11) and Preston Westmoreland look on

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