Kentucky at Notre Dame

- Saturday, January 13 1940 -

Kentucky - 47 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Ermal Allen14626
Keith Farnsley22236
Waller White00000
Marion Cluggish12224
James King23517
Lee Huber512211
Layton Rouse456313
Carl Staker00010

Notre Dame - 52 (Head Coach: George Keogan)
Ed Riska735117
George Sobek347010
Ken Oberbruner10022
Stephen Bagarus10012
Rex Ellis21315
Mark Ertel40038
Robert Smith00020
Don Smith20204
Gene Klier10012
Larry Ryan10012

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 28, Kentucky 21
Technical Fouls: Riska
Officials: Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Dan Tehan (Cincinnati)
Arena: Notre Dame Fieldhouse
References: Lexington Herald and Notre Dame

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Ermal Allen drives around a Marion Cluggish screen

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