Baylor at Kentucky

- Saturday, December 16 1961 -

Baylor - 60 (Head Coach: Bill Menefee) - [Preseason Unranked by AP]
John Hoggard1715011122
Harold Bailey2025004124
Herbert Barritt23412110329
Ronnie Phelps2825345127
Roy Wolfe31594522014
William Moore213103410509
George Furqueron1613000002
Harold Henson1436012206
Freddie Brownlee1301000300
Thomas Garrison1815573217

Kentucky - 94 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Preseason Unranked by AP]
Allen Feldhaus22690041212
Roy Roberts205713100211
Cotton Nash2791256151423
Scotty Baesler26312232268
Larry Pursiful196122234114
Carroll Burchett1623346207
Jim McDonald1822022024
Ted Deeken1112123203
Doug Pendygraft702000200
Charles Ishmael824002004
Pat Doyle301001010
George Critz502222102
Herky Rupp501002000
Tom Harper514244204
Harry Hurd501220002
George Atkins502001200

Halftime Score: Kentucky 50, Baylor 26
Officials: Max Macon and Dan Watson
Attendance: 10,000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Baylor University and Lexington Herald

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Allen Feldhaus spears a rebound behind Baylor's Bill Moore (#45)

while Carroll Burchett (#40) scrapes with two Baylor players

Carroll Burchett (#40) tries to regain control of the ball while defended by Baylor's Don Brownlee and Tom Garrison

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