Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Wednesday, December 7 1960 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 68 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked by ]
Bill Lickert409133410021
Allen Feldhaus30492212110
Ned Jennings192935657
Larry Pursiful401822424
Roger Newman404115104313
Vincent Del Negro2431271110413
Carroll Burchett70100210

Notre Dame - 62 (Head Coach: John Jordan)
Armand Reo405164411114
John Dearie183500956
John Tully30713478418
Eddie Schnurr402912115
William Crosby391202652
John Matthews100000120
Karl Roesler21716353517
Dennis Walljasper10000000
Ray Vales10000000

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 34, Kentucky 32
Officials: Max Macon and Floyd Magnusson
Attendance: 12,000
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Notre Dame, Lexington Herald and Notre Dame Official Boxscore

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Carroll Burchett (#40) shoots while watched by teammate Roger Newman along with Notre Dame's Bill Crosby (#12), Karl Roselser (#14) and Eddie Schnurr (#4)

Bill Lickert (#44) shoots while Notre Dame's Armand Reo and UK's Ned Jennings watch from the floor. Notre Dame's John Dearie (#25) and John Tulley (#23) prepare for the rebound

Vince Del Negro (#52) grabs a rebound in front of Notre Dame's Armand Reo (#20)

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