Kentucky at Maryland

- Thursday, December 15 1955 -

Kentucky - 62 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 12th by AP]
Jerry Bird445112
Phil Grawemeyer20054
Ray Mills00010
Bill Smith00020
Bob Burrow32318
Ed Beck10002
Gerry Calvert756319
Vernon Hatton556315
John Brewer00000
Billy Ray Cassady10002

Maryland - 61 (Head Coach: Bud Millikan) - [Unranked]
Bob Kessler9710125
John Sandbower32228
Drew Schaufler21105
John Urbanik00000
Bob O'Brien369212
Nick Davis32348
John Nacincik11233

Halftime Score: Kentucky 39, Maryland 31
Attendance: 10,125
Arena: Cole Field House
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald

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UK's Gerry Calvert (#10) tries to track down a loose ball ahead of Maryland's John Nacincik (#33) while Ed Beck and Maryland's Drew Schaufler (#60) look on

Maryland's John Sandbower and Bob Kessler try to secure the ball while Bob Burrow (#60) and Maryland's Bob O'Brien (#35) and Nick Davis look on

Kentucky's Gerry Calvert (#10) is fouled by Maryland's Nick Davis (#32) while John Sandbower (#43) and Bob O'Brien (#35) look on

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