Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

- Wednesday, January 4 1950 -

(at Owensboro, KY)

Kentucky - 87 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked by ]
Jim Line449312
Walter Hirsch1012221
Roger Day01121
Walter Whittaker00000
Arlan King01121
Bill Spivey623014
Roger Layne10012
Dale Barnstable21115
Bobby Watson357211
Lucian Whitaker11113
Guy Strong41119
Garland Townes02332
Leonard Pearson20014
C. M. Newton10012

Mississippi State - 55 (Head Coach: Paul Gregory)
Coyote Vance22346
James Chrestman01111
Hoyt Wood25539
Marvin Jackson00030
S.J. Cooper22206
Dennis Ladner01101
Willard Daley30026
Frank Tribble10022
Jim Nicholson11253
Herb Hargett624214
James Burrow23337
Elmo Branch00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 42, Mississippi State 22
Attendance: 5000
Arena: Owensboro Sportscenter
References: Lexington Herald, Mississippi State University and Owensboro Messenger

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Owensboro native Bobby Watson returns to his hometown where he drives for a shot. Shown in the foreground is Bill Spivey (#77)

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