Tulsa at Kentucky

- Friday, December 5 1947 -

Tulsa - 18 (Head Coach: John Garrison)
Bob Nipp01111
Gerald Carrens22526
Clifford Cook21215
Gene Johnson01131
Norman Ryser00010
Johnny Clarke00000
Truman Sewell01411
Clyde Chronister20044
Neil Ridley00010
Jake Halter00000

Kentucky - 72 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Cliff Barker00010
Joe Holland10022
Roger Day23447
Robert Henne31207
Jim Line40008
James Jordan01211
Alex Groza511011
Kenton Campbell00000
Walter Hirsch30116
Ken Rollins12404
Ralph Beard30016
John Stough10202
Will Smethers10112
Dale Barnstable31117
Jack Parkinson10212
Garland Townes21105
Albert Cummins10012

Halftime Score: Kentucky 41, Tulsa 5
Officials: Dan Tehan and Ernie Chattin
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and University of Tulsa

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Fort Knox 80 - 41|Tulsa 71 - 22

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