Fort Knox at Kentucky

- Saturday, December 2 1944 -

Fort Knox - 23 (Head Coach: Bud Bruner)
Bernard Smith12634
William O'Neil10012
Al Cookas12404
Reginald McDonald23307
Charles Covetti10422
Sam Murphy01211
Mike Tarabochia10002
Warren Hotchkis00010
Ted Brunst01101
Joseph Ksenich00010

Kentucky - 56 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Jack Tingle623114
Clyde Cooper00010
Alex Groza33309
John Stough02232
Jack Parkinson600012
Alonzo Nelson02332
Ernest Sparkman10022
William Sturgill00020
J. Ed Parker10032
James Durham10012
Kenton Campbell10002
Wilbur Schu20004
Dickie Derrickson00010
Singleton Yeary21105
Bill Chambers00010
Jim Howe00000
Al Reynolds00010

Halftime Score: Kentucky 32, Fort Knox 12
Officials: Referee - John DeMoisey (Kentucky) and Umpire - John Showalter (Georgetown)
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald-Leader

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Fort Knox's Charles Covetti grabs the rebound ahead of Alex Groza (#15) while Clyde Cooper (#11 on left) and Al Cookas (#12 on right ) look on

Fort Knox's Al Cookas grabs the ball in between teammate Mike Tarabochia (#14) and UK's Ernest Sparkman (#12)

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