Kentucky at Marquette

- Saturday, February 3 1940 -

Kentucky - 51 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Keith Farnsley668018
Ermal Allen10022
Marion Cluggish30136
Stan Cluggish00000
Layton Rouse600212
Carl Combs10042
Donald Orme41219
Lee Huber10002

Marquette - 45 (Head Coach: Bill Chandler)
Robert Deneen935021
William McDonald32308
Ralph Amsden459113
Willaim Staffeld00040
Charles Hammer11213
James Reavley00000
Bernol Ketchum00000
Matthew Reich00000
Jack Nagle00000
Anthony Kelly00000
Von Bereghy00000
George Collentine00000

Halftime Score: Marquette 26, Kentucky 22
Officials: Referee - Jack Travnicek (Armour Tech) and Umpire - George Levis (Wisconsin)
Attendance: 7000
Arena: Municipal Auditorium (Milwaukee)
References: Lexington Herald and Marquette University

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Marquette's Bill McDonald (#9) slips past UK's Marion Cluggish (#12) while Carl Combs (#17) and unidentified #24 look on

Cluggish (#12) fights inside against Marquette's Jim Reaveley (#7) and Bobby Deneen (#12)

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