Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Wednesday, February 3 1932 -

Kentucky - 61 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Darrell Darby4210
Howard Kreuter000
John DeMoisey14129
Forest Sale8016
Charles Worthington102
Ellis Johnson011
Ercel Little102
William Kleiser011

Vanderbilt - 37 (Head Coach: Josh Cody)
Harold Huggins113
Julian Foster000
Earl Marsh000
Tommy Henderson215
William Swartz9220
Red King000
Pat Kirwan102
R. Ross113
John Turner102

Halftime Score: Kentucky 25, Vanderbilt 13
Officials: Referee - Chin Johnson
Arena: Hippodrome
References: Lexington Herald, Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessean and Louisville Courier-Journal
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