Kentucky Players: Missing Heights

The playing heights of the following Kentucky players have not been identified. If you have any relevant information, please contact me at the address below. For more information on the type of data I am searching for with my site, please check the following page.

PlayerLast Season
Ray Frudenberger1962-63Long Island, NYF-
Mike Homa (*)1947-48Fairfield, CTF-
Zeb Blankenship (*)1945-46Elkhorn City, KYG-
Bob Hehl (*)1945-46Sulphur, KYF-
Chester Duff (*)1944-45Darfork, KYF-
Al Reynolds (*)1944-45East Orange, NJF-
Bill Barlow (*)1942-43North Vernon, INF-
Bill Hamm (*)1942-43Hamilton, OHF-
Jess Robertson (*)1940-41Eminence, KYG-
Carl Combs (*)1939-40Hazard, KYG-
Donald Orme (*)1939-40Indianapolis, INF-
Billy Jackson1938-39Anderson, INF-
Charles Combs (*)1937-38Happy, KYG-
Ed Gough (*)1937-38Lexington, KYG-
* Holmes1937-38-G-
Ralph Jackowski (*)1937-38Chicago, ILF185
Larry Spears (*)1937-38Ceredo, WVC200
John Trivette (*)1937-38Pikeville, KYF-
J. Rice Walker (*)1937-38Lexington, KYC-F-
Harris Walker (*)1937-38Maysville, KYG-
Robert Davis (*)1936-37Dayton, KYC-
Walter Hatcher (*)1936-37Pikeville, KYF-
John McIntosh (*)1936-37Hazard, KYF-
Robert Strohm (*)1936-37Chicago, IL--
Bob Tice (*)1936-37Lexington, KYG-
Milerd Anderson (*)1935-36Covington, KYG-
John Craig (*)1935-36Ashland, KYF-
Bruce Davis (*)1935-36Lexington, KYF-
William Davis (*)1935-36-F-
Sam Gates1935-36Covington, KYF-
Bill Spicer (*)1935-36Lexington, KYF-
Bob Taylor (*)1935-36Covington, KYF-
Harry Bliss (*)1934-35Caldwell, NJF-
Charles Heinrich (*)1934-35Mount Sterling, KYF-
Sam Potter (*)1934-35Kona, KYG-
Edward Tierney (*)1934-35Ashland, KYG-
Herbert Jerome (*)1933-34Tulsa, OKF-
Maurice Jackson (*)1932-33Lexington, KYG-
Jake Bronston (*)1931-32Lexington, KYG-
Gordon George (*)1931-32Betsy Layne, KYF-
James Hughes (*)1931-32Georgetown, KYC-
William Kleiser (*)1931-32Lexington, KYF165
Charles McGuire (*)1931-32Williamsburg, KY--
Charles Worthington (*)1931-32St. Louis, MOG-
Cecil Bell (*)1930-31Paris, KYF-
Bill Congleton (*)1930-31Lexington, KYC-
Lawrence Crump (*)1930-31Fort Thomas, KYF-
Louis McGinnis (*)1930-31Lexington, KYF-
Dick Richards (*)1930-31-C-
Bill Trott (*)1930-31Evansville, ING-
Fred McLane (*)1929-30Newport, KYF-
June Lyons (*)1927-28Ashland, KYC-
Ray Ellis1926-27Louisville, KYF-
Bill Heizer (*)1926-27Lexington, KYC-
C. Foster Helm (*)1926-27Lexington, KYC-F-
Edwin Knadler (*)1926-27Louisville, KYF-
Egbert Marshall (*)1926-27Frankfort, KYG-
Frank Phipps (*)1926-27Ashland, KYF-
Kenneth Polson1926-27Marion, KYG-
Van Buren Ropke (*)1926-27Louisville, KYF-C-
James Sharpe (*)1926-27Lexington, KYF-
Ferdinand Wieman (*)1926-27Lexington, KY--
Charles Alberts (*)1925-26Winchester, KYG-
Henry Besuden (*)1925-26Winchester, KYC-
Arville Hickerson (*)1925-26Owensboro, KYC-
James Kittrell (*)1925-26Lexington, KYG-
Will Milward (*)1925-26Lexington, KYC-
Oliver Steele1925-26Lexington, KYF-
Jay Wallace (*)1925-26Lexington, KYF-
Charles Hughes (*)1924-25Repton, KYC-F-
Karl Rohs (*)1924-25Cynthiana, KYC-F-
Len Tracy (*)1924-25Lexington, KYG-
Ralph Boren (*)1923-24Paducah, KYG-
* Hendryx1923-24---
A. T. Rice (*)1923-24Paris, KYG-
Carl Riefkin (*)1923-24Covington, KYF-
Marshall Barnes (*)1922-23Beaver Dam, KYF-
William Blanton (*)1922-23Richmond, KYF-
Fred Fest (*)1922-23Martins Ferry, OHC-
Wayne Foust (*)1922-23Owensboro, KYF-
William Poyntz (*)1922-23Covington, KYF-
Gilbert Smith (*)1922-23Lexington, KYG-
Charles Spilman (*)1922-23Versailles, KYF-
William Wilkinson (*)1922-23Lebanon, KYF-
Kenneth King (*)1921-22Louisville, KYF-
Clifford Fuller1920-21Lexington, KYG-
James Wilhelm (*)1920-21Paducah, KYC-
* Witherspoon1920-21Anderson County, KY--
* Bartlett1919-20Berea, KY--
John Carr1919-20Somerset, KY--
Herndon Evans (*)1919-20Frankfort, KY--
Bruce Bartee (*)1918-19Louisville, KYF-
Joseph Dishman (*)1918-19Henderson, KYG-
Charlie Keller1918-19---
Walter Morris (*)1918-19Lexington, KYC-
H. C. Thomas (*)1918-19Lexington, KYC-F-
Arthur Bastin (*)1917-18Lexington, KYG-
Pat Campbell (*)1917-18Lexington, KYF-
Garnett McKenney (*)1917-18Winchester, KYG-
Paul Anderson (*)1916-17Lexington, KYF-
Howard Kinne (*)1916-17Stearns, KYG-
Doc Rodes (*)1916-17Lexington, KYG-
Alvin Thompson (*)1916-17Clintonville, KYC-
* Partee1915-16-G-
Otto Schwant (*)1915-16Covington, KYF-
Jim Server (*)1915-16Henderson, KYC-
Elmer Hopkins (*)1914-15Henderson, KYC-
Ralph Morgan (*)1914-15Covington, KYF-
Tom Zerfoss (*)1913-14Ashland, KYC-
Augustus Weisenberger (*)1912-13Midway, KYG-
Thomas Beatty (*)1911-12Smithfield, KYC-
Henry Kimbrough (*)1911-12Lexington, KYF-
Stanley Ridd (*)1911-12Newport, KYF-
John Crosthwaite (*)1909-10Lexington, KYG-
William Rodes (*)1909-10Lexington, KYG144
Hubbard Shawhan (*)1909-10Asheville, NCG-
Thomas Tanner1909-10Lexington, KY--
Polk Threlkeld (*)1909-10Waverly, KYF160
Walter Fox (*)1908-09Newport, KYF-C-
Shelby Post (*)1908-09Kingston, NYF-
Leo Brewer (*)1907-08Mayfield, KYF-
Harold Downing (*)1907-08Lexington, KYC-
Don Branson (*)1905-06Yosemite, KYG-
Arthur Donan (*)1905-06Horse Cave, KY--
Joe Coons (*)1904-05Mount Sterling, KYC-
Pat Kelly (*)1904-05Hawesville, KYF-
William Kemper (*)1904-05Millersburg, KY--
Lawrence Waters1904-05Middletown, KYG-
Charles Wright1904-05Lexington, KYF-
Richard Arnett (*)1903-04Troy, KYG-
J. White Guyn (*)1903-04Lexington, KYG-
Ruric Roark1903-04Lexington, KY--
* Smith1903-04-G-
Claire St. John (*)1903-04Brooklyn, NYF-
George Montgomery (*)1902-03Liberty, KYF-
Ed Pierce1902-03---
John Vogt (*)1902-03Louisville, KY--
* Weaver1902-03---

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