Kentucky Players: Missing Heights

The playing heights of the following Kentucky players have not been identified. If you have any relevant information, please contact me at the address below. For more information on the type of data I am searching for with my site, please check the following page.

PlayerLast Season
Ray Freudenberger (*)1962-63Long Island, NYF-
Harris Walker (*)1937-38Maysville, KYG-
John McIntosh (*)1936-37Hazard, KYF-
Robert Strohm (*)1936-37Chicago, IL--
Bruce Davis (*)1935-36Lexington, KYF-
William Davis (*)1935-36-F-
Charles Heinrich (*)1934-35Mount Sterling, KYF-
Charles McGuire (*)1931-32Williamsburg, KY--
Bill Trott (*)1930-31Evansville, ING-
Edwin Knadler (*)1926-27Louisville, KYF-
Kenneth Polson1926-27Marion, KYG-
Charles Hughes (*)1924-25Repton, KYC-F-
Karl Rohs (*)1924-25Cynthiana, KYC-F-
* Hendryx1923-24---
Charles Spilman (*)1922-23Versailles, KYF-
John Witherspoon1920-21Anderson County, KYG-
* Bartlett1919-20Berea, KY--
Charlie Keller1918-19---
Pat Campbell (*)1917-18Lexington, KYF-
Howard Kinne (*)1916-17Stearns, KYG-
* Partee1915-16-G-
Tom Zerfoss (*)1913-14Ashland, KYC-
Thomas Beatty (*)1911-12Smithfield, KYC-
Hubbard Shawhan (*)1909-10Asheville, NCG-
Thomas Tanner1909-10Lexington, KY--
Walter Fox (*)1908-09Newport, KYF-C-
Joe Coons (*)1904-05Mount Sterling, KYC-
William Kemper (*)1904-05Millersburg, KY--
Lawrence Waters1904-05Middletown, KYG-
* Smith1903-04-G-
George Montgomery (*)1902-03Liberty, KYF-
Ed Pierce1902-03---
John Vogt (*)1902-03Louisville, KY--
* Weaver1902-03---

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