Kentucky vs. Mississippi

- Wednesday, February 28 1979 -

SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)

Kentucky - 82 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Dwight Anderson39681501230113
Lavon Williams31476852400214
Fred Cowan33262311140046
Kyle Macy37122081125360232
Jay Shidler2201000100000
Dwane Casey100000000000
Truman Claytor21592203220412
Chuck Verderber600221030002
Clarence Tillman1012121040013

Mississippi - 77 (Head Coach: Bob Weltlich) - [Unranked]
Elston Turner29572245220312
John Stroud40152191294000439
Tim Thomas1402003511020
Sean Tuohy2923122551055
Stanley Malcom26366624100212
Henry Jackson1400220221012
Chris Barrett2826002210034
Richard Hamilton2015113441023

Halftime Score: Kentucky 44, Mississippi 44
Technical Fouls: LaVon Williams; Mississippi Coach Weltlich
Officials: Ben Dunn; Jerry Yarbrough and Wally Tanner
Attendance: 9769
Arena: Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center
References: Lexington Herald-Leader, University of Mississippi, Louisville Courier-Journal and UK Official Boxscore

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Mississippi's John Stroud (#42) scores in between Chuck Verderber (#34) and Dwight Anderson

Dwight Anderson (#23) scores inside

...and drives past Ole Miss defender Tim Thomas

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