Kentucky at South Carolina

- Sunday, February 25 1979 -

Kentucky - 79 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Dwight Anderson406184483210216
Lavon Williams1012773500009
Fred Cowan335154574011114
Kyle Macy32482320210110
Jay Shidler33894502110020
Chuck Verderber2211002120022
Clarence Tillman1514008200022
Truman Claytor1033000200006
Dwane Casey501000000000

South Carolina - 74 (Head Coach: Frank McGuire) - [Unranked]
Cedrick Hordges3981681163010424
Jim Graziano1000000200000
Jim Strickland1823006400204
Mike Doyle4010184634200024
Zam Fredrick407150033210314
Tom Wimbush30252510421026
Kevin Dunleavy2311004432022

Halftime Score: Kentucky 37, South Carolina 32
Officials: Dale Kelley, Lou Moser and Paul Housman
Attendance: 10,121
Arena: Carolina Coliseum
References: Lexington Herald, University of South Carolina, UK Official Boxscore and Lexington Leader

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South Carolina's Jim Strickland (#30) grabs the arm of UK's Lavon Williams (#52) trying to get to the ball

South Carolina's Zam Frederick (#2) and UK's Freddie Cowan get tangled up with Clarence Tillman in background

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