Kentucky at Georgia

- Monday, January 6 1975 -

Kentucky - 96 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 9th by AP]
Bob Guyette81335143219
Rick Robey24243506
Kevin Grevey15262364232
Jimmy Dan Conner413007368
Mike Flynn49004368
Larry Johnson36244258
Mike Phillips354524010
Jack Givens04006000
G. J. Smith13001002
Merion Haskins12123013
James Lee02020000
Jerry Hale00000000

Georgia - 77 (Head Coach: John Guthrie) - [Unranked]
Charlie Dorsey12226404
Jack Dorsey91958144223
Billy Magarity71423144316
Jo Jo Hicks312224438
Tony Flanagan8193504119
Steve Waxman05356513
Bryan Drafts12231124

Halftime Score: Georgia 43, Kentucky 39
Officials: Robert Hartsfield and Ralph Stout
Attendance: 10,100
Arena: Stegeman Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Georgia

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Georgia's Jack Dorsey (#44) shoots over Rick Robey (#53) while Mike Flynn looks on

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