Kentucky at Auburn

- Saturday, January 20 1968 -

Kentucky - 73 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 8th by AP]
Mike Pratt1956637
Dan Issel6148105320
Thad Jaracz0301440
Phil Argento610343315
Mike Casey916663424
Jim LeMaster0000030
Steve Clevenger0334003
Cliff Berger0000110
Gary Gamble2300224

Auburn - 74 (Head Coach: Bill Lynn) - [Unranked]
Ron Jackson4400238
Walker Tinker2536257
Bill Alexander48673414
Alex Howell1116334025
Tom Perry69563317
David Hurt0013451
Bob Wills0325422

Halftime Score: Kentucky 32, Auburn 30
Officials: A.C. Lambert and Harold Johnson
Attendance: 2508
Arena: Auburn Sports Arena
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Auburn University, Lexington Herald-Leader and Columbus (GA) Ledger

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Auburn's Tinker (#33) is hemmed in by Kentucky's Phil Argento (#13) and Thad Jaracz (#55)

Mike Casey (#34) shoots but a foul is called as Jim LeMaster (#12) runs over Auburn's Bill Alexander

Auburn's Wally Tinker (#33) drives past Thad Jaracz (#55)

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