Georgia at Kentucky

- Monday, January 15 1968 -

Georgia - 73 (Head Coach: Ken Rosemond) - [Unranked]
Ray Jeffords4162612510
Cort Nagle1544716
Bob Lienhard816131512429
Dick McIntosh31311307
Jerry Epling41400428
Herb White2212215
Tom Superka0200200
Nick Gimpel1100022
Allen Yuhas3600226
Don Wix0201000
Mark Shufelt0200000

Kentucky - 104 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 4th by AP]
Mike Pratt6176815418
Thad Jaracz12161118325
Dan Issel0200240
Mike Casey1321359229
Jim LeMaster3401116
Cliff Berger2823556
Phil Argento48222110
Gary Gamble0000000
Tommy Porter0000000
Art Laib1301422
Steve Clevenger1100002
Randy Pool2200004
Bill Busey1200002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 49, Georgia 33
Officials: John McPherson and Bobby Smith
Attendance: 11,500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Georgia

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Scrum under the basket. Identified UK players include Cliff Berger (#45) and Mike Pratt (#22). Identified Georgia players include Bob Lienhard (#54), Ray Jeffords (#32) and Jerry Epling (#14)

Pass from Pratt (#22) to Mike Casey (#34)

Georgia players track the ball while Thad Jaracz and Dan Issel look on from behind

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