Kentucky at Florida

- Saturday, January 23 1965 -

Kentucky - 68 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Unranked]
Pat Riley23557
Tommy Kron588418
John Adams367512
Terry Mobley31357
Louie Dampier924320
Larry Conley02242
Randy Embry10042
Larry Lentz00000
Brad Bounds00010

Florida - 84 (Head Coach: Norman Sloan) - [Unranked]
Dick Tomlinson833319
Gary Keller6811420
Jeff Ramsey268210
Tom Baxley02342
Brooks Henderson41216420
Paul Morton23647
Skip Higley30126
Bob Hoffman00000

Halftime Score: Florida 37, Kentucky 31
Officials: Tobey Pace and Lyle Varnell
Attendance: 6980
Arena: Florida Gymnasium
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Florida
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The ball is loose as Larry Lentz (#54) and Randy Embry (#11) look on with a handful of Gators

Florida's Dick Tomlinson (#32) misses a rebound while UK's Larry Conley (#40) looks on

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