Kentucky vs. Auburn

- Monday, February 24 1958 -

(at Birmingham, AL)

Kentucky - 63 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 13th by AP]
Johnny Cox5211219311
John Crigler1020118321
Ed Beck36221058
Vernon Hatton510258312
Adrian Smith1201302
Earl Adkins41014329
Phil Johnson0400600
Don Mills0000000

Auburn - 64 (Head Coach: Joel Eaves) - [Unranked]
Rex Frederick3125810211
Terry Chandler3901826
Bill McGriff35441010
Jimmy Lee48222510
Bobby Tucker31234629
Tyrone Samples2200014
Manley Johnston2412205
Bill Gregory4611319

Halftime Score: Kentucky 27, Auburn 25
Officials: Tobey Pace and Dave Scobey
Attendance: 4000
Arena: Birmingham City Auditorium
References: Lexington Herald and Auburn University

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Auburn's #15 shoots against Earl Adkins (#41). Phil Johnson (#15) and Vernon Hatton (#53) watch

Johnny Cox (#25) fights Auburn's Rex Frederick and Bill McGriff (#35) for a rebound

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