Kentucky vs. Louisiana State

- Tuesday, March 9 1954 -

SEC Playoff (at Nashville, TN) (non-SEC game)

Kentucky - 63 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 1st by AP]
Lou Tsioropoulos11133
Billy Evans11153
Phil Grawemeyer00000
Cliff Hagan735417
Frank Ramsey1345330
Linville Puckett11123
Gayle Rose15707
Willie Rouse00010

Louisiana State - 56 (Head Coach: Harry Rabenhorst) - [Ranked 8th by AP]
Ned Clark622214
James McNeilly10202
Don Belcher33519
Bob Pettit656417
Norman Magee01121
Don Sebastian40218
Benny McArdle13335
Leslie Jones00400
Paul Zinser00010

Halftime Score: Kentucky 30, Louisiana State 28
Officials: Fred Walters and Hollis Wilson
Attendance: 7300
Arena: Memorial Gymnasium (Vanderbilt)
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald, Kentucky Basketball Encyclopedia and Louisiana State University

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LSU's Bob Pettit (#50) grabs the ball in front of Frank Ramsey (#30) and Lou Tsioropoulos (#16)

LSU's Ned Clark (#54) and Bob Pettit (#50) converge on UK's Cliff Hagan (#6)

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