Kentucky vs. Duke

- Saturday, February 28 1931 -

Southern Conference Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)

Kentucky - 35 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Carey Spicer24808
Louis McGinnis745118
George Yates30026
Charles Worthington01141
Jake Bronston01311
Bill Trott01101

Duke - 30 (Head Coach: Eddie Cameron)
Pete Carter00010
George Rogers21115
Joe Croson512311
Don Robertshaw00020
Robert Shaw22226
Theodore Cappelli21225
O.W. Horne10202
Nelson Colley01231

Halftime Score: Kentucky 23, Duke 10
Officials: Referee - Stanley Sutton and Umpire - George Wood
Arena: Atlanta Municipal Auditorium
References: Atlanta Journal, Duke University, Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald

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Game Writeup - Atlanta Journal

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