Statistics for 1944-45

Alex Groza1062415771.931316516.5
Jack Tingle26124457758.445329311.27
Jack Parkinson26112476275.814027110.42
Wilbur Schu2682446468.75442088
Kenton Campbell2357324768.09261466.35
George Vulich1324151883.3310634.85
Deward Compton480004164
Jim Howe590102183.6
J. Ed Parker212713255227673.19
William Sturgill253371353.8550732.92
John Stough2624213953.8552692.65
Singleton Yeary561333.332132.6
Chester Duff2211100152.5
Ernest Sparkman4411100392.25
Clyde Cooper322366.67462
James Durham1073837.59171.7
Alonzo Nelson13451435.719131
Jack Schiffli412366.67141
Ed Allin1142922.221010.91
Bill Chambers20000100
Dickie Derrickson20000100
Al Reynolds20000100

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