Kentucky vs. Japan

| Overall Wins: Kentucky - 11; Japan - 0 | Official Wins: Kentucky - 0; Japan - 0 |

6/26/1986Kentucky vs. JapanW79 - 73Exhibition (at Niigata, Japan)
6/21/1986Kentucky vs. JapanW80 - 55Kirin World Tournament (at Tokyo, Japan)
7/11/1982Kentucky vs. JapanW106 - 71Kirin World Tournament (at Tokyo, Japan)
7/7/1982Kentucky vs. JapanW86 - 66Kirin World Tournament (at Akita, Japan)
6/24/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW125 - 57Exhibition (at Tokyo, Japan)
6/22/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW122 - 79Exhibition (at Nagasaki, Japan)
6/20/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW88 - 61Exhibition (at Fukuoka, Japan)
6/19/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW87 - 82Exhibition (at Osaka, Japan)
6/18/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW97 - 59Exhibition (at Nagoya, Japan)
6/15/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW102 - 89Exhibition (at Niigata, Japan)
6/13/1978Kentucky vs. JapanW104 - 71Exhibition (at Tokyo, Japan)

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