Kentucky at Florida

- Saturday, February 17 1973 -

Kentucky - 94 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Kevin Grevey9208954126
Jimmy Dan Conner31158114511
Jim Andrews122002155424
Ronnie Lyons5165730715
Mike Flynn36234428
Larry Stamper13237104
Jerry Hale00001100
Ray Edelman00000000
Steve Lochmueller11220004
Bob Guyette12010202

Florida - 83 (Head Coach: Tommy Bartlett) - [Unranked]
Tony Miller5160024210
Tim Fletcher02000130
Chip Williams7121112204325
Gene Shy590095110
Bill Moody4722105310
Steve Williams02000110
Michael Lederman4136624614
Bob Smyth5142484012
Gary Waddell11000112

Halftime Score: Kentucky 45, Florida 39
Technical Fouls: None
Officials: Burrell Crowell and Ken Lauderdale
Attendance: 5285
Arena: Florida Gymnasium
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Florida and Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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Florida's #40 shoots inside while defended by UK's Mike Flynn and Kevin Grevey (#35)

Kevin Grevey (#35) and Florida's Chip Williams watch the ball go out of bounds

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