Kentucky at Florida

- Monday, February 8 1954 -

Kentucky - 97 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 1st by AP]
Lou Tsioropoulos6813320
Phil Grawemeyer11133
Cliff Hagan1145326
Frank Ramsey877323
Billy Evans723416
Gayle Rose21255
Linville Puckett12404
Bill Bibb00000

Florida - 55 (Head Coach: John Mauer) - [Unranked]
Ted Copeland25729
Bob Emrick702314
Augie Greiner02222
Lew Doss23657
Willie Ratliff00000
Bob Nims31157
Sonny Powell31011216
Elam Stokes00000
Johnnie Tringas00020

Halftime Score: Kentucky 48, Florida 27
Attendance: 7000
Arena: Florida Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, University of Florida and Lexington Leader

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