Wright Field at Kentucky

- Saturday, January 15 1944 -

Wright Field - 28 (Head Coach: W.W. Belew Jr. and A.V. Delbert)
Howard Pierson12334
Kenny Ritchel31337
Leonard Citrenbaum00000
Lewis Dale10022
Harry "Red" Felty25839
Stuart Warren01121
Herb "Cowboy" Dykstra00000
Donald Cilla01101
Walter Czarnecki10002
Virgil Hellard00000

Kentucky - 61 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Wilbur Schu40208
Jack Tingle31107
Nathaniel Buis05715
Rudy Yessin03313
George Vulich11233
Truett DeMoisey00020
Tom Moseley10022
Walter Johnson31237
Jack Parkinson40008
Harry Gorham00000
Maurice Bell00000
Don Whitehead00020
Bob Brannum824118

Halftime Score: Kentucky 39, Wright Field 13
Officials: Referee - John Showalter (Georgetown) and Umpire - John Wiethe (Xavier)
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader

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