Kentucky vs. Clemson

- Thursday, December 21 1939 -

(at Enka, NC)

Kentucky - 55 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Keith Farnsley523212
Donald Orme20014
Waller White11213
Ermal Allen00000
Marion Cluggish41229
James King02202
Layton Rouse30036
Lee Huber811217
Carl Staker00000
Carl Combs10012

Clemson - 31 (Head Coach: Joe Davis)
Barney Coyle22206
Dude Buchanan22326
Whitey Graham00010
Russ Abee00010
Thurston Bagnal00110
Bob Mooreman20134
Wistar Jackson00000
S.T. Jenkins01111
Stan Lancaster535313
W.C. Williams01111

Halftime Score: Kentucky 31, Clemson 7
Officials: Referee - Percy Caldwell (Clemson) and Umpire - Jack Alexander (Duke)
Arena: American Enka Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, Clemson University, Clemson University Taps Yearbook and Ashville Citizen-Times

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Game Writeup - by Paul Jones, The Asheville Citizen

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