Kentucky at Tulane

- Thursday, February 4 1937 -

Kentucky - 28 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Joseph Hagan423210
Ralph Carlisle11203
Homer Thompson22246
J. Rice Walker10232
Warfield Donohue00120
Bernard Opper11113
Walter Hodge12344
James Goforth00000

Tulane - 25 (Head Coach: Ray Dauber)
Paul Pare15507
Eugene Harmon03313
Peter Brechtel10112
Nathan Cotlar00010
Dietrich Neyland01141
Albert Gorman11343
Hugh McCloskey10002
Hughes Schneideau03413
Robert Lockette12224

Halftime Score: Kentucky 18, Tulane 15
Officials: Referee - Carl Lind (Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp objected to former Tulane star Joseph Davies from acting as umpire.)
Attendance: 2000
Arena: Fogelman Arena
References: Lexington Herald, Tulane University and Lexington Leader
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