Kentucky at Michigan State

- Thursday, January 14 1937 -

Kentucky - 23 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Joseph Hagan10002
Ralph Carlisle22316
J. Rice Walker20134
James Goforth00010
Walter Hodge00120
Bernard Opper30136
Warfield Donohue00020
Homer Thompson21215

Michigan State - 24 (Head Coach: Benjamin Van Alstyne)
Bennie Dargush12444
Leonard Osterink00010
Walter Nelson33619
Howard Kraft21305
Ronald Garlock22426

Halftime Score: Michigan State 12, Kentucky 11
Officials: Referee - Jack Travnicek (Armour Tech) and Umpire - Lyle Clarno (Bradley Tech)
Attendance: 4000
Arena: Demonstration Hall
References: Lexington Herald and Michigan State University

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