Kentucky at Creighton

- Friday, January 6 1933 -

Kentucky - 32 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
John DeMoisey51311
Howard Kreuter0010
Darrell Darby1103
Forest Sale50210
Bill Davis3006
Ellis Johnson1002

Creighton - 26 (Head Coach: Arthur Schabinger)
Conrad Collin3107
Raymond Dornberger1012
Chester Binder0010
Anthony Wiesner2105
Willard Schmidt0000
Robert Miller2206
Arthur Kiely2115
Lester Kockrow0101

Halftime Score: Kentucky 18, Creighton 17
Officials: Ernest Quigley (St. Marys)
Arena: Creighton Old Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald and Creighton University

Prior Game| Next Game
Ohio State 30 - 46|Creighton 22 - 34

Forest Sale (#24) tries to stop the dribbling of Creighton center Willard Schmidt around two unidentified players on the ground (the UK player is likely Bill Davis) while John DeMoisey guards his man on the wing (Note, this picture may be from the game the following day. )

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