Indiana at Kentucky

- Tuesday, December 21 1926 -

Indiana - 38 (Head Coach: Everett Dean)
Julius Krueger51111
Harold Derr1012
Maurice Starr1234
Edward "Bud" Farmer1002
Frank Sibley1002
John Leonard1113
Robert Correll3006
John Winston1123
Elmo Wells0111

Kentucky - 19 (Head Coach: Basil Hayden) - [Final Rank ]
Edwin Knadler2236
Paul Jenkins2125
Ray Ellis0000
Van Buren Ropke2004
Frank Phipps1022
Claire Dees0232

Halftime Score: Indiana 20, Kentucky 11
Officials: Referee - Stanley Feezle and Umpire - John Head
Arena: Alumni Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, Indiana University, Indiana University Basketball and Louisville Courier-Journal

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Game Writeup - by Norris Royden, Lexington Herald

Newspaper blurb in the Indianapolis Star the day after the game

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