Clemson at Kentucky

- Wednesday, February 13 1924 -

Clemson - 13 (Head Coach: Bud Saunders)
J.W. Chandler2266
Charles Johnson0232
"Hap" Hagood0010
Theo Vaughn0000
Folsom "Pinkie" Colbert0252
Edwin Dotterer0232
Wallace Roy0111
Charlton Garrison0000

Kentucky - 38 (Head Coach: George C. Buchheit) - [Final Rank ]
James McFarland50010
Carl Riefkin3238
Will Milward50210
William King0000
A. T. Rice1012
Charles Hughes0030
Lovell Underwood0121
William Poyntz0111
Charles Albert0000
Ralph Boren0000
* Hendryx2004
William Wilkinson1002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 26, Clemson 8
Officials: Referee - Ed Krueck (Cincinnati)
Arena: State College Gymnasium
References: Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel, Clemson University Taps Yearbook, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader

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Game Writeup - by Norris Royden, Lexington Herald

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