Cincinnati at Kentucky

- Thursday, February 18 1909 -

Cincinnati - 23 (Head Coach: Amos Foster)
Russell Easton6012
Adolph Davis000
Fred McMinn259
D. Hayward Ackerson102
Fred Hyndman000

Kentucky - 28 (Head Coach: Unnamed) - [Final Rank ]
Shelby Post408
Wayne Plummer226
Walter Fox6012
William Rodes000
Richard Barbee102

Halftime Score: State University 17, Cincinnati 5
Officials: Referee - Howard Guyn (State); Umpire - Ralph Inott (Cincinnati); Timekeeper- H.H. Downing and Scorekeeper - W.W.H. Mustaine
Arena: State College Gymnasium
References: Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, The Idea and Lexington Herald

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Game Writeup - Lexington Herald

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