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Edwards in 1947
Below is a listing of many of the honors and awards that Leroy Edwards acquired during his basketball career. Much of the information has been alluded to in other sections of this website.

Most of this information has been verified, although not all. If anyone can assist in verifying this information or can provide additional information, please .

High School


1930's All-Decade Collegiate Team
- as named by the National Association of Basketball Coaches -

Leroy (Cowboy) EdwardsCKentucky
Chuck HyattFPittsburgh
Hank LuisettiFStanford
John MoirFNotre Dame
Fred PralleGKansas
Joe ReiffFNorthwestern
Forest (Aggie) SaleF-CKentucky
Les WitteFWyoming
John WoodenGPurdue
Jewell YoungFPurdue

Madison Square Garden All-Decade Team

Leroy (Cowboy) EdwardsKentucky
Harry BoykoffSt. John's
Hank LuisettiStanford
John MoirNotre Dame
Willie RubensteinNew York University
Irv TorgoffLong Island University
Don ShieldsTemple
Frank BaumholtzOhio University
Red HolzmanCCNY
Ken SailorsWyoming
Bob DaviesSeton Hall
Ossie SchectmanLong Island University

Associated Press All-Time Collegiate Team
(as of February 1943 [Link])

First Team
Hank LuisettiStanford
Chuck HyattPittsburgh
Charles (Stretch) MurphyPurdue
John WoodenPurdue
Andy PhillipIllinois
Second Team
Leroy EdwardsKentucky
Ashworth ThompsonMontana State
Forrest Di BernardiWestminster
Paul EndacottKansas
Vic HansonSyracuse

Adolph Rupp's All-Star Kentucky Squad
- as named in John McGill's book Kentucky Sports (Jim Host Publishing, 1978) -

Forest (Aggie) SaleC-FAll-American 1932, 1933
Leroy (Big Boy) EdwardsC-FAll-American 1935
Kenny RollinsGAll-SEC 1947, 1948
Wallace (Wah Wah) JonesFAll-American 1949
Ralph BeardGAll-American 1947, 1948, 1949
Alex GrozaCAll-American 1947, 1948, 1949
Frank RamseyGAll-American 1952, 1954
Cliff HaganCAll-American 1952, 1954
Bill SpiveyCAll-American 1951
Larry ConleyGAll-SEC 1966
Dan IsselCAll-American 1969, 1970

* Note: The 12th position was left open to avoid slighting those not named.


NBL All-League Teams
- (from 1938-1946) -
(from Steve Dmitry's NBL Web Site; see site for complete listing)

First TeamSecond Team
Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh) (MVP)Soup Cable (Akron-Firestone)
Scott Armstrong (Fort Wayne)Jack Ozburn (Akron-Firestone)
John Wooden (Whiting)Bob Kessler (Indianapolis)
Charlie Shipp (Akron-Goodyear)Vince McGowan (Whiting)
Chuck Bloedorn (Akron-Goodyear)Bart Quinn (Fort Wayne)
First TeamSecond Team
Paul Birch (Pittsburgh)Jack Ozburn (Akron-Firestone)
Leroy Edwards (Oskhosh) (MVP)Johnny Moir (Akron-Firestone)
John Sines (Indianapolis)Jewell Young (Indianapolis)
Jerry Bush (Akron-Firestone)Chuck Bloedorn (Akron-Goodyear)
Barney Cable (Akron-Firestone)Charlie Shipp (Akron-Goodyear)
First TeamSecond Team
Ben Stephens (Akron-Goodyear)Jack Ozburn (Akron-Firestone)
Wibs Kautz (Chicago)Ernie Andres (Indianapolis)
Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh) (MVP)Rube Lautenschlanger (Sheboygan)
Charlie Shipp (Oshkosh)Otto Kolar (Sheboygan)
Barney Cable (Akron-Firestone)Nat Frankel (Detroit)
First TeamSecond Team
Ben Stephens (Akron-Goodyear) (MVP)Wibs Kautz (Chicago)
Ed Sadowski (Detroit)Bill Hapac (Chicago)
Buddy Jeannette (Detroit)Ralph Vaughn (Chicago)
Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh)John Pelkington (Akron-Goodyear)
Charlie Shipp (Oskhosh)Bob Calihan (Detroit)
Jack Ozburn (Akron-Firestone)Bob Neu (Hammond)
First TeamSecond Team
Chuck Chuckovits (Toledo) (MVP)Ralph Vaughn (Chicago)
Ben Stephens (Akron-Goodyear)Jewell Young (Indianapolis)
Leroy Edwards OshkoshEd Danker (Sheboygan)
Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne)Herm Schaefer (Fort Wayne)
Charlie Shipp (Oshkosh)George Glamack (Akron-Goodyear)
First TeamSecond Team
Ralph Vaughn (Oshkosh)Sonny Boswell (Chicago)
Paul Armstrong (Fort Wayne)Buddy Jeannette (Sheboygan)
Ed Danker (Sheboygan)Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh)
Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne) (MVP)Ken Suesens (Sheboygan)
Charlie Shipp (Oshkosh)Jerry Bush (Fort Wayne)
First TeamSecond Team
Mel Reibe (Cleveland)Rube Lautenschlanger (Sheboygan)
Clint Wagner (Oshkosh)Jerry Bush (Fort Wayne)
Ed Danker (Sheboygan)John Pelkington (Fort Wayne)
Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne) (MVP)Charlie Shipp (Oshkosh)
Buddy Jeannette (Fort Wayne)Ken Suesens (Sheboygan)
First TeamSecond Team
Mel Reibe (Cleveland)Dick Triptow (Chicago)
Stan Patrick (Chicago)Ed Danker (Sheboygan)
Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh)John Pelkington (Fort Wayne)
Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne) (MVP)Jerry Bush (Fort Wayne)
Buddy Jeannette (Fort Wayne)Huck Hartman (Pittsburgh)
First TeamSecond Team
Bob Carpenter (Oshkosh)Mike Novak (Sheboygan)
Red Holzman (Rochester)Jerry Steiner (Indianapolis)
George Glamack (Rochester)Bob Calihan (Chicago)
Ed Danker (Sheboygan)Leroy Edwards (Oshkosh)
Buddy Jeannette (Fort Wayne)Frank Baumholtz (Youngstown)
Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne) (MVP)Al Cervi (Rochester)


Bobby McDermott
Nat Holman
Dutch Dehnert
John Beckman
In 1945, the United Press International named the All-Time Professional Hoop team as Bobby McDermott (Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons), Nat Holman (Celtics), Harry "Dutch" Dehnert (Celtics), John Beckman (Celtics) and Leroy "Cowboy" Edwards (Oshkosh All-Stars). All were eventually named to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, with the exception of Edwards.


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