Kentucky Players Missing Year in School

HometownDate of
Last Year
Ray Freudenberger1962-63Long Island, NY 12/27/19401962-63
Barkley Sturgill1945-46Prestonsburg, KY (High)7/4/19281945-46
Bill Hamm1942-43Hamilton, OH (High)4/23/19221942-43
Ed Gough1937-38Lexington, KY 5/11/19151937-38
William Davis1935-36--1935-36
Sam Gates1935-36Covington, KY 5/10/19121935-36
Sam Gates1934-35Covington, KY 5/10/19121935-36
James Hughes1931-32Georgetown, KY -1931-32
* Hendryx1923-24--1923-24
Bruce Fuller1920-21Lexington, KY (Senior)-1920-21
* Bartlett1919-20Berea, KY -1919-20
Charlie Keller1918-19--1918-19
* Partee1915-16--1915-16
William Rodes1909-10Lexington, KY 10/9/18871909-10
Wayne Plummer1909-10Newport, KY 9/24/18901909-10
Cecil Ellis1909-10Tracy, KY 6/3/18881909-10
Wayne Plummer1908-09Newport, KY 9/24/18901909-10
William Rodes1908-09Lexington, KY 10/9/18871909-10
Richard Arnett1903-04Troy, KY (Woodford County)3/25/18831903-04
Ruric Roark1903-04Lexington, KY (Dudley)3/13/18871903-04
* Smith1903-04--1903-04
Richard Arnett1902-03Troy, KY (Woodford County)3/25/18831903-04
Ed Pierce1902-03--1902-03
* Smith1902-03--1903-04
* Weaver1902-03--1902-03

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