Kentucky vs. Georgetown

- Saturday, March 31 1984 -

NCAA Final Four (at Seattle, WA)

Kentucky - 40 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Final Rank 3rd by AP]
Sam Bowie3431044113102210
Kenny Walker2913223311014
Melvin Turpin27211125211105
Dicky Beal3528221442066
Jim Master2327221100016
Winston Bennett2418007500032
James Blackmon2225121323015
Bret Bearup400220000002
Roger Harden201002100010

Georgetown - 53 (Head Coach: John Thompson) - [Final Rank 2nd by AP and 2nd by UPI]
David Wingate25581230210311
Ralph Dalton1701004100000
Patrick Ewing2946009310028
Fred Brown1101012410000
Michael Jackson334946102300512
Gene Smith1724122210005
Bill Martin514001100022
Michael Graham3346026310338
Reggie Williams1817003320042
Horace Broadnax1224121000005

Halftime Score: Kentucky 29, Georgetown 22
Technical Fouls: None
Officials: Ron Spitler, Mike Tanco and Booker Turner
Attendance: 38,471
Arena: Kingdome
References: The Encyclopedia of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and UK Official Boxscore

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Game Writeup - by Peter Alfano, New York Times

Sam Bowie grabs the ball in front of Ralph Dalton while Winston Bennett and Michael Graham look on

Sam Bowie (#31) holds the ball guarded by Michael Graham (#50)

Georgetown's Fred Brown (#20) works against UK's Jim Master (#20)

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