Kentucky at Vanderbilt

- Monday, January 22 1973 -

Kentucky - 75 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall)
Kevin Grevey30612008412
Bob Guyette163600656
Jim Andrews336101310213
Jimmy Dan Conner39612446216
Ronnie Lyons26412223210
Mike Flynn223822258
Ray Edelman103400116
Larry Stamper91400412
Steve Lochmueller71100022
Jerry Hale40100000
Rick Drewitz40100000

Vanderbilt - 76 (Head Coach: Roy Skinner) - [Ranked 18th by AP]
Lee Fowler313935739
Terry Compton32813128317
Steve Turner25411678414
Bill Ligon31515569415
Joe Ford241522214
Jan Van Breda Kolff (*)332600824
Butch Feher30100000
Ray Maddux1358126111
Jeff Fosnes8130002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 41, Vanderbilt 36
Officials: Reggie Copeland and Ken Lauderdale
Attendance: 16,100
Arena: Memorial Gymnasium (Vanderbilt)
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
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Vanderbilt's Bill Ligon (#22) grabs the ball while Terry Compton runs into Jimmy Dan Conner

Vanderbilt's Lee Fowler (#43) grabs a rebound in front of Kentucky's Kevin Grevey (#35)

Vandy's Butch Feher (#31) leaps to grab a rebound in front of Kevin Grevey

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