Vanderbilt at Kentucky

- Monday, January 24 1972 -

Vanderbilt - 80 (Head Coach: Roy Skinner) - [Unranked]
Rod Freeman173653215
Bill Ligon91300520418
Ray Maddux512241530212
Tom Arnholt3112351248
Jan Van Breda Kolff (*)29810721312
Doug Bates040010040
Bob Chess110002002
Terry Compton81146330420
Lee Fowler151204013
Haworth Parks010001100

Kentucky - 106 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Tom Parker817131021217
Larry Stamper251362135
Jim Andrews14176101034334
Ronnie Lyons471111319
Stan Key71011434215
Bob McCowan470233018
Rick Drewitz012331002
Kent Hollenbeck340024016
Dan Perry010010000
Darryl Bishop350021116
Elmore Stephens110010012
Ray Edelman120100002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 48, Vanderbilt 36
Technical Fouls: Terry Compton; Larry Stamper for deliberate foul against Jan Van Breda Kolff (ejected)
Officials: Joe Caldwell and Zigmund Mihalik
Attendance: 11,500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader
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Tom Parker and Vanderbilt's Bill Ligon reach for the ball while Larry Stamper (#22) and Vandy's Rod Freeman (#25) look on

Ronnie Lyons stretches for a shot

Kentucky's Jim Andrews (#55) scores UK's 100th point while defended by Bob Chess (#44) while Lee Fowler (#43) looks on

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