Kentucky vs. Louisville

- Saturday, March 27 1948 -

Olympic Trials (at New York, NY)

Kentucky - 91 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Cliff Barker458413
Wallace Jones757219
Jim Line40128
John Stough00010
Alex Groza524312
Joe Holland21135
Ken Rollins20054
Dale Barnstable30026
Ralph Beard1024322
James Jordan02312

Louisville - 57 (Head Coach: Peck Hickman)
Jack Coleman423510
Glenn Combs344310
Bob Borah03433
Jim Edwards00000
Deward Compton (*)33349
Oz Johnson11243
Kenny Reeves13505
Johnny Knopf31337
Roy Combs345010
Paul Walker00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 43, Louisville 29
Officials: Lou Eisenstein and Jocko Collins
Attendance: 15,927
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: New York Times, Lexington Herald-Leader and University of Louisville
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Ralph Beard drives for a crip in front of Ken Reeves

Wallace Jones (#27) reaches for the ball against Dee Compton (#7) while Cliff Barker (#23) and Jack Coleman (#16) look on

Alex Groza (#15) fights Louisville's jack Coleman (#16) for a rebound while Wah Wah Jones (#27) looks on

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